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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Judy Lee

I'm eating my morning oatmeal and pretending its wontons and soup.

Perfect post for the cooling weather this weekend!


We usually go to Tan Ky Mi Gia on Mira Mesa because it's the closest. I don't think I've ever been to Minh Ky, and I haven't been to Luong Hai Ky on Convoy in awhile. I'm looking forward to LHK opening soon in Mira Mesa. So thank you for the comparison!

I usually order wontons/dumplings with no noodles. After a recent take-out from TKMG, I got on a wonton kick and made my own.


Mmmm, wonton and dumpling soup! As the weather cools some more, I'll be ready to eat my fill. I haven't been to Tan Ky Mi Gia on Mira Mesa but think I'll add as a place to try next week. Thanks for a great comparison, Kirk!


I'm a huge fan of the BBQ duck noodle soup at Tan Ky Mi Gia on Mira Mesa. I've never eaten in the restaurant, but have gotten take out there many times. I have this Asian habit that I inherited from my mom to add some boiling water to the soup to stretch it, so I guess the soup is salty after all. Are there anymore notable mi places to go to in SD? I'd like to try them out.


Hi Kirk, that's too bad about the lack of consistency.. Not a Mi place but the complementary beef soup at Cam Ky BBQ tasted like hot water when i visited last. The duck and crispy pork wasn't bad though. Someone may have already asked once but does the "Ky" mean anything in the names of these places?


the weather here is in the single Celsius digits, all this talk of soup has me drooling...


Hi Judy - It does seem like the weather is going to cooperate with a post for a change.

Hi Sandy - To me, it just ain't right without the noodles....of course, I'm such a noodlehead....

Hi Carol - You chould check it is hard for me to enter that mall without hitting up Pho Lucky though.

Hi Kim - You should try the Roast duck Noodle at Tan Ky Mi Gia on ECB....the last time we had it, it wasn't up to par, and if you want a big, fat, meaty duck, it won't fill the bill, but the flavor is usually pretty good. Luong Hai Ky is opening up in MM, so you'll have another choice in the area.

Hi Dennis - Yes, Cam Ky is pretty good, I've eaten there a few times...not the best BBQ, usually quite moist, but lacking on the flavor front. From what I understand 'Ky' sort of means "family", like Minh Ky Mi Gia - would mean Ming Family Egg Noodle Soup, etc, etc....

Hi Kat - Looks like it's time for some soup!


I never thought to order the noodles and broth separately.

I wonder if the consistency issue is due to what meat sold well or what didn't sell well the previous weekend? ;)


Hi Jan - It could be when the soup was made, how long it simmered, and who put together the soup..... I've just noticed that on any given day.....


i love minh ky, although it seems i always get a hankering for it on a wednesday, and forget they are closed on wednesdays.


wow those noodles all look delicious. the bowls come with the noodles separate? Or am I confused and you order two different dishes?


Hi Dave - Oh yes, I forget they are closed on Wednesdays as well.

Hi FH - It's just a way of ordering the Won Ton/Dumpling Egg Noodle soup at these can order the soup and noodles seperate.


I love the shrimp cracker/wonton they give you at Luong Hai Ky, and your photo shows sitting on top of the noodles. The missus loves the roast duck soup that is served dry/split.


Hi Mindless - Other places do that as well. For some reason, I've never tried the duck at Luong Hai Ky.....another item for my list!

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