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Sunday, 23 November 2008



Wow! only $8 for specially add stick rice in turkey. That is a good value for that.


Great post Kirk.. I'm hungry for duck and crispy pork now. The way you make time to do all this and actually still manage to eat is amazing! ;)


sounds like a great way to celebrate thanksgiving, hope you and the missus have a good one!


Hi Chris - It seems like every Chinese BBQ place is doing this for T-Day - you may want to shop around.

Hi Dennis - It seems I may be spending a bit too much time eating nowadays! ;o)

Hi Kat - Thanks.....we're still not sure what we're doing.


Dang, now I'm going to have to get some roast duck after Thanksgiving.


Hi Carol - Why not before? ;o) Makes for a great pre-turkey appetizer.....he-he-he


that pork skin looked good, too bad it was so tough! that's quite a deal, and the turkey stuffed with sticky rice sounds good. have you ever had it?

Kirk K

Hi FH - It seems that most of the Chinese BBQ's and markets have some kind of similar deal going on. I've made glutinous rice stuffing - the recipe can be found here:

I mentioned it in a post waaay back when:

I'm sure you've got a great T-Day planned!


Our friends host a party every year with one of these stuffed turkeys (we usually provide the turkey). Soooooo gooooood! Just a couple more weeks! (they do it for Chistmas too if you ask)

Kirk K

Hi Jan - Glutinous rice stuffing.... if made right is awesome.......

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