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Thursday, 27 November 2008



Happy Thanksgiving to you and the gang! (mmmm, persimmons!)

Rachel Laudan

I can't wait for the next thousand, a great blog,



Holy sh*t! 1,000!?! Wowsa! Congrats! And Happy Thanksgiving! We've got our turkey lurking in the oven right now, with all the sides getting ready to go down in a few hours.


wow 1000, way to go. hope you and the missus have a great thanksgiving with lots of beer lao.


What are the odds of post 1000 marked on Thanksgiving day?? Awesome, and thanks to you too Kirk and the mmm-yoso gang!

ed fromyuma

Mmm-yoso. Mmm-triptophane. Mmm Thanksgiving. Mmm.

1,000 posts. What's that, maybe 5,000 cyber meals served to us readers? Mmmm.


Congrats on 1000 posts! I've learned a lot on this blog in the last year.
Thanks to everyone who contributes. A great blog!
Happy Thanksgiving

jeffrey c

Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on 1000 posts!!!!
I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this blog and all the wonderful people associated with it. Especially to all the regulars who put there time and stomachs on the line so all of us can vicariously enjoy their gustatory adventures.


i love persimmons!

i got a long way to go before i hit 1000... =)


Hi Carol - Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! The Missus loves her persimmons....

Hi Rachel - Thanks for dropping by! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Hi Scott - So nice to hear from you. I'm thinking you had a really nice nap afterwards....

Hi Kat - Thanks so much!

Hi Dennis - LOL! As I saw tha magic number approaching, I bumped up my output.

Hi Ed - mmmm calories!!!

Hi Stephen - Thanks to you for reading as well.

Hi Jeffrey - Thanks so much! We really do apprecaite everyone who takes the time out to comment.

Hi Sawyer - I'm sure you'll get there!


Hey Kirk! I'd have to say that we, the readers, are thankful for your adventures. Gotta live vicariously, y'know. :) By the way, thanks for your message... both GREs went well and now it's just application time. Hope you and the Missus had a great holiday!


Hey Kirk!

Post 1000 - Woohoo!!! :D
Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! :)


Grats on a thousand posts! :D Thats alot of good (and not so good hehe) food and some great memories!

Have a great holiday and happy blogging! :)


Hi GF - Thanks! I'm glad things are working out well!

Hi Kathy - I just wish I had your stomach.....for just once...

Hi Darqrat - LOL! In the end it is all good. Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.


1000 great posts! Thanks!


Hi Jan - Thanks for sharing in all those posts!

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