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Friday, 21 November 2008



I will try your yam and potato dishes next Thursday. I usually do mash potato, so boring. Those look so easy and yummy. And I always make my own cranberry sauce too. If you get the pack from trader joes, it has the recipe on the back.


Just use butter and white pepper and salt and mash by hand, Liz...(see my meatloaf recipe/post to the left)...mashed potatoes are wonderful if done simply.
The yams are on sale everywhere and so easy to do. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving.


Wow, I think your sweet potato dish is easier than my candied yams. I cook together brown sugar and butter to make a caramel sauce and then top the cooked yams. Then bake in the oven like you do. I'll have to look into that magic coconut pecan frosting!


Those look great, I am going to have to try all those recipes.


I think carmel sauce would be better, just because of the butter, Carol. I would do that for myself at home. It is fun to do the frosting and not let anyone know your "secret".

I hope you do try each of the recipes, maybe not all for Thanksgiving, but just as good and easy stuff to eat, Jimmy. I make smaller versions of each one for at home snacking and could do a year of various casseroles.

ed (from Yuma)

Yum. Thanks. But all I get to do this Thanksgiving is gravy.

But I will remember these.


They are all so easy, ed, and not even for a special day or meal. Hm. Gravy, without a turkey. If you were here, Trader Joe's is selling a 32 ounce box of turkey gravy for only $2, which I want to try...

tina marie

Why haven't I ever seen that can of frosting? Hmm I definitely need to take a closer look next time I'm in the baking aisle.

I make candied yams the "traditional" way. But this shortcut is worth a try! :)

Oh and those brussels sprouts and bacon just look delicious, after all bacon makes everything taste better right?

I wanted to add that I also make my own cranberry sauce too and if there's leftovers I pop in the freezer and scrape it and instant dessert cranberry granitas!

Jeff C

great ideas. I'm assuming the cold water routine for boiling the sweet potatoes is to maximize the "sweetening" that happens when the carbohydrates breakdown. Cook's Illustrated has a great article on this process but uses the oven method.
I really like your potato gratin type recipe. Simple and easy.


Oh Tina, you must be so much younger than me. Long ago,(when frosting came powdered and in a box)this was basically what was used as "German Chocolate Cake Frosting" and I could use that, mixed with the water from boiling the sweet potatoes. It tasted even better than this recipe.
Bacon is the most wonderful food, ever. Salty yet protien.
I freeze cans of fruits packed in heavy syrup to make granitas in the summer. Makes the $1 cans of cranberry sauce useable.
Thanks, JeffC-Right, for sweetness. Easy way to remember is you cook vegetables grown under the ground in cold water and veggies grown above ground get tossed into boiling water to cook. Everything can be roasted. With olive oil and salt. Or maybe Herbes de Provence.

ed (from yuma)

I ended up doing the brussel sprouts and bacon just as a main course for dinner one day this week and it was awesome. As someone who stayed away from bs because all I had as a kid were frozen brussel sprouts, these were a revelation. Such a simple recipe and soooo gooood! Thanks!


So happy you liked this version, ed. Cabbage in just about any form is good. Teamed with bacon, better.


i will be making these brussel sprouts with bacon soon!!! anything is better with bacon, i say!


You'll notice the initial part of the recipe is five sprouts to two slices of bacon, cc. Much research went into figuring that ratio:)

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