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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Keahi Pelayo

Mary's donuts looks great.


sounds creepy, I am surprised that I rarely see people taking pics cuz there are so many bloggers here in SF! Maybe it's the places I frequent... that potato with butter is calling my name.


My Mister always laughs at me when we're dining out and I notice someone at another table taking pictures. I always lean over and whisper, "Wonder if that's someone I follow." hehe.


Mary's is wonderful, Keahi. Always fresh and always good. It has been there forever. The original owner, Zona (it used to be called Zona's Donuts) died last week.
Hi, FH- It was kind of odd and I was in a mood when I wrote this post. I am better now. I share baked potatoes with people at my table. But I so want to grab the plates of skins I see being taken away from other tables...
Hey Carol. I see them too-and I wonder-but I don't talk to them. I try to be quick and not noticed when I take food photos. Hence, some of the not so good photos...


haha! that's so funny. i feel the same way about taking pictures. i've been taking pictures with my cell phone instead of bringing a camera around, but a friend brought up a good point that i'll never see those people who stare at me again, so i'm going to take some better pictures now

great post


Aarrrrgh! I was just in Santee, and didn't know about Mary's Donuts. Note to self: stop at Mary's next week when you're in Santee.


Hi Sawyer-It was more being tossed into a conversation about blogging versus food in general. The blog is just a different way of thinking and expressing myself. I go back and forth with good and bad photos, as you can tell...Overall, I eat daily though.
Ha. Sandy, I was just in your part of town (based on your comments of knowing the places I have blogged) this morning for some "training" and was going to stop for some lunch, but knew better about the parking situation at that time of day, because of you. You really can stop at Mary's any time. The big donut on the roof of the building is more visible in the daytime. It is just west of the light at Fanita and is wonderful.


Mary's has the best donuts in town, I go there all the time. They have the best apple fritters, but be warned, they are huge. I always get one fritter and a couple crullers.

tina marie

Oh no Cathy! That's unfortunate. I'm sorry. I know how much you all like to keep your identities, yours. I sorta write about places I've eaten on Yelp and I took my personal picture off and replaced it with a random avatar, for the sake of not wanting to get stoned for a bad review by any owner/employee recognizing me. lol

Those donuts look delish!!!


Wow, you really are from the neighborhood, Jimmy. I have had a bite or two of a fritter from Mary's, but there is cinnamon in it, and I don't crave cinnamon as much as I don't crave chocolate...sad, but true :(
It was jsut kind of odd, Tina- I mean I could carry on a conversation with anyone about anything (I've been around you now), but the whole starting it out that way was kind of creepy. Absolutely never would I post a photo of myself anywhere, just in general. There really are stalkers out there. I try not to say bad things about places, unless something was horrid (See my "Eat at Joe's-if you dare" post) :)

tina marie

I try not to say anything bad either but you can ask Kirk about the email I sent him about "Hawaiian BBQ" here in Yuma. (And Yuma is a small town!) The pix speak for themselves! It was a sad sad time because it was a Loco Moco! :(


Cathy, you and I have something in common: I love crullers! My typical order is one plain and one chocolate.


I grew up and still live in Lakeside. There isn't as many good places to eat here as there is in Santee.


It is sad, TinaMarie, to know you can't get a decent loco moco...when you can get such wonderful other things like all the tacos ed has shown. I guess we just have to appreciate what we have when we have the chance.
Klug! I haven't heard from you in forever! The French do donuts right...light and airy, yet with a little crunch. You'd like them from Mary's.
True, Jimmy. I like the food at Cafe 67 and Ranch House, but otherwise, I can only recommend several taco shops in Lakeside (Albert's comes to mind)...and, of course you have the closest Boll Weevil to my home. :)


The wife and I went to Boll Weevil's the other night, we love that place. Those other places are also good. We also like the Lakeside Cafe, they are a lot better than Annie Oakley's was.


Oh, Annie Oakleys was not at all good, Jimmy. Lakeside Cafe is good, especially with a coupon; I forgot about it. New mental note posted.

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