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Tuesday, 28 October 2008



Have you been to World Famous for their tuesday $1 shrimp tacos? YUM


It's a taco extravaganza! I've yet to have the Jack in the Box taco, and after seeing your photos and reading your description, I think it'll remain that way.


Jack in the Box tacos shouldn't really be called tacos. I call them food discs. I still like'em though.


I guess I know what I'm having for lunch on Tuesdays in November! I openly admit I love the JitB tacos, especially when I don't feel week (a growing up thing). And they are more like food discs!


I grew up eating those J-Bo tacos. Weird, but I like them. My grandma used to make her own version too. We have come a long way in our appreciation of tacos. From these, to crispy tacos from El Torito to street taco goodness. I've enjoyed every tasy step of the way.

Trip out on the L&L tacos. I'll have to try one or three.

Ms. J.

Hi Cathy! Another great post from you. I'm not crazy about tacos but I'd flip for deep fried burritos! I was just wondering if you ever tried it.


Oh, if I had known about it, I would've blogged it, Daniel! Thanks for the info. Another post!
Hi, Mike. I see you are in LA and have JitB there. It is an adventure as well as an addictive taste treat for only 99¢. Do try one. Welcome to this side of our blog!
Very true, Denver. I like that description.
Tuesdays are taco night at my house, Carol. No matter what month it is.
Yes, JF, we have progressed along in life along with our progressive appreciation of multiple varieties of tacos, haven't we? I was surprised at L&L. I am not sure if the 99¢ Tuesday taco thing is because we just got a Rubio's in Santee or if it as all of the locations. Tacos are not mentioned on the website.
Fried burritos-Chimichangas? Fried things...I have tried and liked, Ms. J.But, not from a taco shop Lunch time.


Great tacos live at The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma every Tuesday. Their TacoRita deal is 2 tacos + a margarita for $10. They're definitely a bit more upscale, but really delish!


Oh, wow, Gerald. I must start a list. That sounds perfect...Thanks for letting me know. (Welcome to this side of the blog, too!)


I still have to try those L & L Kahlua Pork Tacos, they look good.

Another good place to get good $1 tacos on Tuesday is the Wagon Wheel on the corner of Magnolia and Woodside, used to be Mulveney's. The have fish, chicken or steak and they are all excellent. My friends and I go there every Tuesday night.

tina marie

I miss San Diego so much! Thanx for keeping us readers informed of good eats in all price ranges, especially the reasonable. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from the side of my mouth that L&L's taco was a pleasant surprise. :)

Hao Ye

Not really fast food, but there are a few places in PB and OB that have taco deals on Tuesday. (with fish tacos for $2)

I like South Beach Bar and Grille, their happy hour on Monday (including tacos) lasts all night, but they've recently started carding everyone, so not all of my friends can get in now.


Oh gosh, you are right, Jimmy- Magnolia Mulvaney's- I remember seeing the sign on the billboard out front and that mental note must've been on a Post-It...and flew off on the wind. I will try it. You must go to L&L- in the Vons parking lot. You can try one taco for $2.19 on a regular day. It is worth it.
You're welcome, Tina. I just try to show a variety- and really, this is how I eat.
I have heard good things about South Beach, Hao, and it is on my list of things to do. Monday is a better night too. I don't have that carding problem as much any more... :(


Ok, I am going to go try those L & L Tacos today after I vote.


I know, Jimmy...and I want some too...but The Mister and I are each working for the Registrar of Voters right now, and neither of us has an area with a L&L in it...Next Tuesday, though...I am *so* there. Thank you for voting!


I went to L & L for lunch and had 3 tacos. The BBQ chicken was okay, the fish taco was great and I like the Kahlua pork the best. Thanks for the recommendation, I will be going back again next Tuesday.


Anytime, Jimmy. I got to eat some good food too, being out 'in the field' and all. I do know what is good...and am so happy someone from East County has been to places I talk about. Thanks for voting.

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