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Monday, 06 October 2008



aww...sammy's sushi is going to close! :( Through my four years at UCSD, I never went to sammy's until this past spring quarter! I found out about it through your blog and my friend. After graduation, I moved back home (LA) so I won't be able to eat at Sammy's before it closes! :( but do tell sammy that I said hi and for him to take care! and i never got a chance to take him up on his offer to one of his bbq parties :P. but thanks kirk and your friends cathy and ed for this wonderful blog! i really enjoy looking at all the food pictures and restaurants :)


it is great sadness that i read this post. like alsion, i was able to find out sammy's through your blog, and had several splurges of some good sushi while i was at ucsd. i regret not being able to come down one last time to eat there. i wish him the best

ed (from Yuma)

I will miss Sammy's also. Many times, his place was the perfect venue for eating some wonderful sushi and having a good time. Best wishes to him!


Hi Alison & Sawyer - I'll make sure to pass on your regards!

Hi Ed - Sam told me to send you his regards!


Aw, some friends and I were just talking about stopping by for lunch next week. If I don't get a chance to make it there this week, Kirk, please give Sam my best wishes for his future endeavors and that I will miss the wonderful meals I've had there.


*sigh* Here I had this dream that one of these years we all could meet up at Sammy's and have some wonderful sushi. Good luck to Sammy, and if I every swing on down your way we will have to hit up somewhere else. HUGZ :)


I remember Sammy vaguely talking about moving on over the summer, but didn't realize plans were so far along already.

I'm not sure whether to be sad or angry. Anyway, thanks for the heads up; I'll be sure to move up the visit I had planned for next Monday.

And you mean Saturday, Oct 4, right? I seem to recall that Sammy doesn't open on Sundays.


Hi Carol - If you visit make sure it's in the evening, Sam hasn't done lunches for a few months.

Hi Mills - If you ever make it this way; i'll be sure to have a couple of places lined up!

Hey Hao - Sam's last day is the 11th of October, this coming Saturday.


Haha, that's what I get for typing comments half-asleep. :)


I'm going to have sushi this weekend! ;-)


Noooo.. And just when I was getting to know Sam. If they're still open for lunch I'll have to stop by this week.


That's a real shame. I'll definitely have to stop by this week. Do you know what Sam's plans are? Working for another sushi place?


Thanks for the heads up, Kirk. I'll have to take my friends to Sammy's again but this time to say g'bye. :(


Hi Hao - No problemo...I do that all the time!

Hi Billy - Have a great one!

Hi Dennis - Sam had stopped lunch a few months you'll need to stop by after 530pm.

Hi Howie - I think Sam is going to help transition the place, and than take along vacation. I don't think he has any plans after that.

Hi Roger - Yes, make sure you stop by....I think Sam will enjoy that.


Hey Kirk,
We have to hide this post from Chia, he's gonna cry when he read this. Sammy Sushi is his favorite hang out place =(.


Hi Tammy - It's going to be a sad week for many people.


Thanks to Kirk's post, we visited Sammy's for the last time last night. So sad! Sammy was very friendly and kind; we wish him well on his long-deserved vacation!


Also worth noting that the place was packed for a Wednesday night --I imagine that it'll only get more so as the week goes on.


Hi Klug - I'm glad you got to have a last meal at Sammy's. I'm sure the place will be packed until closing.....


So sad when a place you regularly go to changes hands or closes .. its just not the same. However, the food industry is so taxing on the business owners that its amazing most of them stay in it as long as they do! I guess they do get some satisfaction out of providing good food as much as getting paid for it!

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