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Wednesday, 01 October 2008



Hi Kirk - Thanks for saving me the trip, I was thinking of going to Daikokuya, but won't bother now.

And what's up with this heat?!?! It's still 80 degrees at 9pm...


Yikes Kirk, that IS the ugliest looking egg I've ever seen.. Do you have a favorite dipping sauce for the Karei Karaage? Any recipes in the future? ;)


Hi Vicki - I think you'll be better off with Santouka!

Hi Dennis - With good fish there's no need for much. Some sea salt and a light dusting of shichimi togarashi, a good quality ponzu with negi, and sometimes a touch of yuzukosho. But the simpler is usually the better. I think I have the recipe in the comments here:

Like most of the stuff I make...nothing much to it...not like I'm a cook or anything!

Christine D.

If I had an egg like that at home, I'd devour it. But coming from a restaurant... =O !!!!!

I'm sure that the chicken who laid it would've rolled over after she saw that. Or perhaps it's a "face" only a mother could love?

PS. Send me some of that SoCal warmth! It was in the 50s for the majority of today.


Hi Christine - When I boil eggs like that, they end up being snacks for Sammy and Frankie! I'd gladly send you this heat and humidity....sometimes I wonder how I dealt with it all those years back home...I've become such a wimp!


Wow! That is an ugly looking egg. Good you got a replacement. I wouldn't eat that egg, either.


I am glad I am NOT there, I think I would melt...that egg was fugly!


That's too bad about this location. I have to say, the Daikokuya in Little Tokyo was great. My favorite is all the way in Japan, but within SoCal, I'd definitely recommend the Little Tokyo branch for ramen. No line early on weekday lunch.


"We came all this way for this?"
Our sentiments exactly when we visited here a few months back when it opened. We took our son to ride the model railroad in Costa Mesa and went here afterwards.

We had nobody in front of us, we were starving, and it took almost 30 minutes for our food to arrive. There was no water to be had, and the ramen was so-so. Having recently had an amazing bowl of rainy-day tonkotsu in San Francisco, I was really bummed. But our eggs were actually pretty good. Still...

I also wanted to pick up a few things at the store on the way out, but for some reason, I couldn't figure out how to get into the store! But I tend to get loopy when I'm miffed.


Although it sucked, I'm glad you went, because I never went back, and it's been about a year since it opened. I was hoping at the time it was opening jitters, perhaps inexperienced cooks, but alas it seems it's not that -- your post confirms that that's just how they do things.

The temperature of the soup, the egg, everything seems the way it will be in perpetuity, until it people realize it's never going to get any better and business dries altogether.

Thanks for this post!


So unappetizing when boil eggs comes out looking it had some kind of disease.

Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

I'm thinking about experimenting and making homemade guys got a recipe?


Hi Eileen - It did look kinda leperotic....

Hi Kat - It's been quite humid and hot recently....but it's finally cooling off a bit.

Hi BDiego - It's been a few years since I've made it through the doors at the Little Tokyo location. I'll need to check it out soon.

Hi Jan - The entrance is right past the Boba shop...right down the hallway.....

Hi Elmo - There seemed to be a good number of people eating my chagrin.

Hi Billy - Pretty bad looking egg....not something they should be serving to paying custmoers.

Hi Jaden - You know, I have a recipe somewhere....I just haven't gotten up the courage to give it a shot. i'll email you if I can find it.


Ah... that's a shame. That egg looks hideous! I was hoping they would have gotten their act together by now. I guess I'll take my parents to Santouka when they need an OC ramen fix...


Hi Howie - I prefer Santouka over this stuff by a mile...even though the portions are much smaller.

White On Rice Couple

Yes, our sentiments as well. The lukewarm temperature of the broth was really disappointing, but the egg you guys received is just unacceptable! I can't believe the kitchen would pass that off on to a customer. Hope you find comfort in a really good bowl of ramen somewhere else, soon!


"I just realized that I chose what may be one of the hottest days of the year to post about ramen....."

haha can you imagine actually eating it on that day? oh my! heatstroke.


Hi WORC - We were so disappointed....lack of oversight and quality control seems to be one of the issues.

Hi Roger - That would have been a challenge..... ;o)


Are you Thai? I've noticed that you like "Som Tum" in most of your meals.


Hi Pan - No, I'm Third Generation Japanese American (Sansei), the Missus is originally from China. I love your blog it's very cute. thanks for visiting and commenting!

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