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Monday, 27 October 2008



Good call! I like to hit Mona Lisa for groceries, Assenti's for pasta, and get a pound of Pete's to go. Little Italy may not be the immigrant community it once was, but there are still a few great remnants.


We followed the opposite route on the weekend, Trent...Ate at Pete's first, got some pasta at Assenti's and then across to Mona Lisa where I got my jar o' anchovies, some Chianti, those anise crostoli cookies, bread and some prosciutto and a hunk of parmesan for a snack before dinner...

Little Miss Contrary

Looks like a great place for a quick lunch. I go to school up the street on 3rd and Cedar and will definitely grab some lunch there! I like places with limited menus as I am a very indecisive person :]


So simple I like. Almost sounds like Claros.


Is this the same place that makes the fresh sausage they sell at Mona Lisa?


You will like not only the menu, and location, but also the quality of food here, LMC.
It is a great kind of 'neighborhood' joint, Bill. I really like it here, and have. For years.
Almost positive it is, JF. Solunto Bakery supplies most of LI with breads and Petes provides the sausages. A tad less expensive here than Mona middle man you know...just walk across the street and South one block.

Keahi Pelayo

Looks yummy!


Thanks for the post. I have lived in SD for 42 years now, and even though I have been in the neighborhood, and ate at Fillipi's, I have never seen this place. Now I know where to get good sandwiches and good pasta,which I have been looking for for years.


Welcome, Keahi. Thanks for stopping by.
Wow, Stephen.. I figured everyone knew about Pete's. I am glad you do too. It is great. Filippi's, Solunto, Mona Lisa and Asenti's are my regular stops on India Street and have been, for years.

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