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Thursday, 02 October 2008


Gus Musselmann

Wow! Looks great. Do you know if they have a liquor license?


My idea of keeping it simple.


I've been meaning to revisit this place - I haven't been there in years. I have fond memories of their "Tostada Loca".


Welcome to our blog, Gus. Beer is sold at La Playita. It's in the fridge in back, with the Jarritos.
Perfect and simple, Bill.
The tostada loca is still here, Mike. I think it is $10 or $12 now, but worth it. The original location was on Convoy, way back when...this is a little more convenient for me.


Oh yum, love these kind of meals! And I know exactly where it is. I'll have to stop by next week for lunch.


Oh wait, I totally skipped over the Poway Farmer's Market location. I'll swing by their booth tomorrow!


I don't know what they have at the Farmer's Market Carol-pulled that info from the website...but if you are in that neighborhood, do stop in. It is great food.


If it's the one I remember seeing, it was the typical stuff like carne asada. But it was nothing more than just a glance as I was walking by. I'll be there tomorrow anyway so I'll take a better look. :-)


Let me know Carol. I may check out a farmer's market this weekend also!

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