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Monday, 20 October 2008



Hi Cathy, funny I was just about to put up some recent pics of meals I had at Ikea myself! I had mixed feelings about the boiled potatoes being replaced on the meatball plate (fka "manager's special") but I did enjoy the mashed version. And who knew Swedish meatballs were great on Italian pasta? Happy eatings!


yum yum! i was lucky enough to try their meatballs last time we were in washington state... brings back memories! so good

George Spigott

This is one of the best and cheapest places to eat out for a family on a budget. There are $1.99 kids meal specials too! I love IKEA!


Ah, the "managers special" used to include a drink, soup or salad and bread, Dennis. I like the boiled potatoes, but these amshed were so creamy and good...since the skin is on and it was red, I think it is easier to not have waste of uneaten boiled ones. You can refrigerate mashed overnight and reheat the next day. Not that I know. Meatballs with tomato sauce=Italian, with gravy=Swedish.
Welcome, James. It is a different style of food, yet somehow familiar.
Hello George and welcome to this side of the blog. Ikea is fun to shop in as well as a place to get a great meal or snack. I do enjoy it here.


I love Ikea for a cheap meal for the whole family. The kids love the $1.99 kids special. I like their vegetarian chili soup.


"Meatballs with tomato sauce=Italian, with gravy=Swedish."
Thanks Cathy, now I know.. I definitely like these over the ones where the recipe calls for a lot of bread crumbs.. Cheers.


That chili soup is good, Caroline. I was craving soup one day and with one smell, I was hooked.
Hey Dennis-The Mister just chimed in that meatballs with BBQ sauce(and toothpick)=appetizer. :)


Haha, good one Cathy!


that is a lot of shrimp. those meatballs looks great...i've never eaten at ikea, although i've noted the cheap prices the times ive been there.

kudos to you cathy, you've really been holding down the site, while kirk is away....i'm loving the multitude of posts per week! =)


Hi Cathy, thanks to you and Ed for continuing to post while Kirk and the Missus are in Thailand.
Thanks for the reminder of the great, cheap food at Ikea. I always forget about it.


I knew I ate meatballs in another setting, Dennis. We forgot all about disappointed I am in myself...
Thanks Sawyer. There is great food to be had at *all* stores with their own restaurant...they want to keep you inside and happy (see my post about Nordstrom Cafe). I am trying to keep up Kirk's pace of posts.
and Thank You, too, Stephen. It is how I started out here, you know...I was just "The Temp" when Kirk and The Missus went to Hawaii two years ago. I never thought blogging would become my therapeutic outlet...(go to "What Cathy Eats!!!" in the left column and then get to the bottom of that to see my original posts. I have evolved, especially with the photography, yet still just eat and talk about it...) I like being able to talk anonymously about stuff here. In my other life, I mostly listen and do. ;)


I've never seen mashed potatoes as a side to the meatballs before! I've only seen the boiled potatoes or here in the UK, chips (fries)!


Hi Su-Lin. Since they were red-skinned mashed, I think it is a cost cutting way to not have waste...and they tasted really good. I can't imagine chips with meatballs...and gravy...I have had fish and chips at a train station in Portsmouth, and that flavor is distinctive. Good memory trigger. Thanks.

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