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Sunday, 12 October 2008



Have a wonderful and safe trip, Kirk! Can't wait to hear and see all about it.


Hey! Have a fun time in Asia! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Christine D.

Wow, how exciting!! Thailand is great fun. Have a good time in Laos too.


Hey Kirk,

Just logged on and saw that Sammy's sold. He mentioned that a couple times before but never thought he'd do it. Sad to seen him go.....

Anyway, I was driving to Ranch 99 today and could not find parking. Went through the back on the west side driveway and say something called "Mr. Dumpling" Know anything about that one?


we'll read you when you get back.




You should have went to Oaxaca.


can't wait to see where you've gone, enjoy!!


ooh another trip! I love Lonely Planet travelbooks and hope you had time to check out Austin Bush's site .

Little Miss Contrary

Despite the political/civil unrest in Thailand, my parents who live in Bangkok said that as long as you stay away from the protesters by the parliament house, everything should be peachy. Have a fantastic trip!


Hi Carol, CC, RONW, Kat, and Christine - Thanks, we have made it safe and sound....

Hi PedMa - Someone had emailed me somthing about that, but I dont know much.....Sounds interesting...

Hi Chris - Got something against Thailand and Laos.... he-he-he just kidding....

Hi FH - Yes, but another trip....

Hi LMCC - Thats what we figured.....which is why we decided to come.

Armen Cyrus


These tips are awesome, thanks a lot...


dang kirk,

you can take those vacations when we're in a recession...i'm assuming you don't have any kids...well have fun


Thanks Francisco....well, we do have Sammy & Frankie! Do they count...


Have fun Uncle =)Can't wait to read more of your trip. I went to OC the other day and saw the same sign at the Vien Dong III in OC too. Hope they'll have Vua Kho Bo like the Thuan Phat in OC.


Hi YY - We are having a blast - I'll tell you all about it when we return.

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