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Friday, 31 October 2008



wow! mmm-yoso has really become the blog of white trash food since Kirk has been on vacation! What's next - tuna noodle casserole? Chicken Pot Pie restaurant? Arby's?

Let's get back to some good food, please!


It is a blog about food, Urn. Over the last three years all of us who contribute here have written some silly posts. I am sorry if you were expecting more for a $5 Friday meal. This one was the 13th. Did you really not like any of the posts in the last 16 days? Would it have been better to just have not updated the blog at all while Kirk was in Thailand?
Oh- and I posted on the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop about two years ago. You can do a search in the box at the top of the left column. Thanks for the tuna noodle casserole idea. I make a good one.


Keep up the good work Cathy. From what I've read ever since I read this blog it's just about some people's take on various food and places around San Diego. No more, no less. Just because some entries don't blow 30 to 80 bucks on a single meal doesn't make it any less valid. For some of us, the cheap eats were/are a piece of our history. I love a great omakase sushi dinner at Akaihana (Shien of Osaka), but I can still appreciate pork chops cooked in Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup like I had as a kid.

That said, I hate Tuna Helper. :)


Cathy don't worry about the negative comments, opinions are like you know what, everyones got one.

Those bags of fritos bring back memories, simple yet really good. We used to make those while camping at the desert and ate them around the campfire. I've sldo made them with cream cheese instead of cheddar, adds a nice richness. Just mix in a package of cream cheese to one can of chili on the stove.

mmm yoso fan!

I love you Cathy! & your blogs. How you have been able to come up with $5 dinners has really amazed me. Thank you!

Urn, its not you are paying for the entries of this blog. If you really have qualms about the material why don't you treat the writers to a dinner at your favorite restaurant? Please stop dishing out the negativity. No one wants it.


Ugh, there's always one jerk (stronger vituperation if you prefer). So Urn, how did you become such an expert and critic of white trash food??

Hey Cathy, those Doritos brings back something I used to throw together as a kid for after school snacks. I used to heat up a can of hot (as in spicy) chili and use Doritos as spoons. Yum! I might have to make some for lunch this weekend!

Have a wonderful Halloween!


Thank you, David. We all just write about food we eat -out and at home- and I just do not eat out every day. Akaihana in RB?I have heard it is good. Cream of mushroom soup is so good and makes everything it touches taste good. Tuna Helper is *wrong*.
Thanks, Jimmy. Now I must find some cream cheese. I still have chili and the bags of Fritos go last.
Thanks and welcome, MYF. The $5 Fridays are how I cook-buying what is on sale...Also I sort of try to give a cooking hint in each one. Today's post was honestly something I eat and had for dinner last night. I like the idea of being taken out to dinner. I had to wash that spoon you know...
Good retort, Carol. Thanks. You were thinking quicker than I. It is almost 7 p.m. and only 3 goblins have shown up. Usually by now, Daylight Savings has happened, it is dark at 6 and the kids are here early...I hope more show up soon, or I'm gonna have a heck of a lot of bags of chips laying around here and will need to stock up on jarred (or canned) (or boxed) chili...


Hi Cathy. Thanks for giving me a good memory. I had that years ago when I had the opportunity to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was written about in my guidebook. You went to, I believe, Woolworth's and that was lunch. You took it out to Governor's Plaza, sat on a bench and ate it. They called it Frito Pie. There's always some freak who has to ruin the fun for the rest of us.
I appreciate the hard work EVERYONE does to keep this blog interesting. I finally got around to trying Mariscos German on University at 35th. Had the marlyn taco. So good! Will definetly be going back for more soon.


This reminds me of tostilocos! Have you tried these Cathy?


Akaihana is great. I've been to Japan and back, and I'd still say Nakamura-san is definitely one of the best itamae I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. My family and I have been going there for a decade and half plus. If I were not introduced to sushi there when I was younger, I probably wouldn't be the sushi fanatic I am today. It's the place I push people to when they need their first REAL sushi experience. It's a little pricy, but I think less so than Izakaya. I still swoon over memories over getting a piece of maguro so well cut that it melted in my mouth like chu-toro.

ed (from Yuma)

Cathy, you deserve thanks for keeping the blog going. Frito pie is not quite chilaquiles, but there is a family resemblence.

Folks sometimes forget (or don't know) how much work goes into a post. It's not like Kirk pays you to keep entertaining people when he's gone or busy.

Yeh, I admit I'm looking forward to reading about Kirk's adventures, but hey, I like Kirk's posts better than mine too.


hi cathy! thanks for holding down the fort while kirk was gone.

i told my chili-loving husband about this post - now he wants to make it. sounds easy enough. off i go to buy some fritos.


In a bowl it is "Frito Pie", Stephen, you are right. In the is me being lazy. Again. Thanks for the kind words. I love Mariscos and the stuff German makes is wonderful. I never had had a marlyn taco until from here. It is tostilocos, Alex. Thanks. Kind of using leftovers as a meal...I got some in a fruit drink (paleta?) shop last year.
You have convinced me David. I am going. I get in those "food you eat with chopsticks" or "raw fish in some form" moods fairly often.
I love chilaquiles, ed. Just add an egg. Viola! Breakfast. I kept back 12 Frito bags-for me...I love blogging because I can just talk about anything. It is very freeing and different for me. I have been waiting to see the things Kirk has emailed about to me. The river moss was especially on my curious list.
Thank you CC. I was trying the keep the heart of the blog going and think I did that. I know people were reading it and not commenting much...enjoy lunch. Go high end and use chili without beans...


I think Urn should turn off the computer and go out and get some "good food" instead of complaining about a lack of it in a blog.

Anyway, as a working parent, I like hearing about comfort foods as much as the dressed up variety. Fritos tend to be a bit salty for my taste, but I do indulge once in a while. In fact, I have a bag and some chili waiting to be introduced to one another.


Thanks so much JF. I didn't realize how many people read the comments. Or how many liked stuff I wrote about. I must admit I was exhausted on Friday yet felt I should put some sort of "recipe" up. It really was what I had for dinner Thursday night... I hope the introduction works out well :)


hi cathy - chili without beans is the way to go!


Open refrigerated section near cream cheese area in most grocery stores, Canine Cologne...the white brick of XLNT is the *best* no beans chili...


Frito Boats were a standing favorite among my brother and sister and me growing up. We never knew that anyone outside of Fresno ate those! Thanks for bringing back the memories.


Thanks and welcome to this side of the blog, Allie - I am glad to bring back some good memories in my quest to show a simple meal. I first had Frito Pie back in is everywhere. (We just don't talk about it)

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