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Friday, 10 October 2008



that looks like a mighty tasty soup...i've never had pea soup before. maybe it's time to try it out


I've never had it either! I guess it's kind of like lentil soup?


My wife loves this soup I will have to make this for her. Thanks!


It is yummy soup and gets quite thick, Sawyer...You must've missed the joy that is Pea Soup Andersen's on I-5 at Palomar airport road, in the hotel with the GIANT windmill. It was *perfect* pea soup. The canned stuff Andersen's sell is very good, but expensive.

Hi, Su-Lin-I guess I am showing more of my Polish (and The Mister's Scandanavian) roots in this recipe. I usually have pea soup with ham; lentil soup is vegetarian for me. Pea soup is usually thicker.

Well, I gave you the 'from scratch' as well as the *really* lazy ways of preparing it, Bill, so it depends on ingredients on hand and time constraints.

Passionate Eater

Wow, that is so affordable and easy! Great idea!


Hi PE- Kinda lazy, too...but I am trying to do a series of meals with no need to stock a kitchen. Lots of students out there read us, you know. I do cook quite complex things too... :)

Passionate Eater

Thanks Cathy for the email--I really appreciate your input. And even though I am not a student, I love learning about affordable meal options. I look forward to more cooking!

jeffrey c

Cathy, another winner. I always wondered how the pea soup tasted meaty. I love the mashed peas, too. And the rye bread definitely goes well with this. What a great hearty meal. Perfect for those cold San Diego nights.

Pam Phillips

Oh, wow. It's such a long time since I bought one of those soup packs. Your pea soup is very close to how I learned to make it as a kid. Looks delicious!


Right, PE. I do think we all enjoy tasty and inexpensive as well as fairly healthy meals. I learned how to long ago and never forgot. I just had never posted my "recipes" on the blog before.

Glad you enjoy my cooking, jeffrey. In the cooler months when friends come to the house, I serve soup, salad and home baked bread...and some sort of dessert, of course.

Happy to revive a memory for you, Pam. Next time you are in the store pick some up. (I share your 3rd belief from your blog, BTW)


I picked up all the ingredients today and my wife and I are going to try this this week! Looks great!


I'll check your blog to see how it turns out, John. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, and congratulations!

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