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Wednesday, 08 October 2008


ports rickin rick

hey Kirk,

I heard the same thing about Vien Dong from a friend who lives around the corner. Nice pics, I still have never finished anything from Tita's in one sitting.


Hey kirk: I asked the cashier at Vien Dong what was going on..(must have been thier last day, they were really tearing it down) she said they were remodeling, and it was temporary. I hope they re-open, bigger... stronger... faster....

Oh btw look what I did not as photogenic as yours but it was tasty


Hey Kirk, what is this fish dish called?:

The one from your post.


what do you do with all these delicious photos?

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the shout out. That pumpkin dish was sublime. The natural sweetness of the squashy shell played off nicely against the pork bathed in red chile sauce. A unique flavor profile - not really much like anything else I've ever eaten.

I'd forgotten that it needs to be ordered in advance, so the last time I was in SD with my old buddy Greg, we wanted to order it, but . . . bummer.

Now what a natural dish it would be for a Halloween night party. Just remember to order it in advance!


Hi PRR - If this is true, I'm sure a lot of people are going to be happy.

Hi Chris - Nice gobo salad you got there.

Hi Anthony - It's the twice cooked fish.

Hi Kat - I used to delete them.....

Hi Ed - If I remember correectly, there was a nice hint of a camphor like flavor. I'd never had it prepared so well. It would be cool dish for Halloween....


Ok Kirk, I was going to make some awful obvious joke about pho king, but it's 8am...

the pumpkin looks so delicious! I know people do baked sausage with maple syrup in acorn squash, but this version looks just as delicious and possibly better. and the lechon from Tita's looks scrumptious!


Hi Penny - LOL! You and your Pho King jokes......did I really write that....I think I need a time out.

jeff c

Kirk, LOL, my wife is gonna hate me for the next few days because I'm going to start bugging her for her Katsudon. You've let the monster out! Oh NOOOOO!
Seriously, I think your memory card dregs have more foodworthy pic than Gourmet magazine does in one issue.
Pho Kings dish looked amazing. Ba Ren's stuff is so good. Now that I've had a chance to revisit Yun Guan and Chunk King, I realize just how good Ba Ren is. I'm wondering if you can use a Kabocha. Do you know what the texture was like of the pumpkin? Sometimes the degree of dryness of the meat of the pumpkiin plays an important textural component.
Thanks for the Katsudon pic, Kirk.
Take care

jeff c

Fermented sausages? Are they similar to Taiwanese sausages? Have you ever had them? They are made with marinade meat bathed in a 40 proof liquor as can be attested to a visit to Taichung Taiwan liquor factory where samples were being given out. These go best with raw garlic but if you've ever been to Simbala in Hacienda Hts or the one next to Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, they pair them up with some funky combinations such as kiwi or chocolate.


Hi Jeffrey - It actually is a Kabocha. I'm sure your wife will be a bit peeved at me for letting the katsudon monster loose! Nothing like the stuff at least to me. I don't think I've had that type of Taiwanese sausage....sounds yummy though!



I went to Shanghai City for their Niu Men Rou and was very disappointed. I've had it probably a dozen or so times from there and for some reason it was very bland this time (Monday). It was not spicy at all, lacked the usual beef flavor, and speaking of beef, had only 4 pieces of beef in the whole bowl of soup! Usually it has PLENTY of beef.

On Wednesday I stopped by Sab-E-Lee and tried the Koi Soi. It was EXCELLENT. Very spicy, lots of flavor, excellent texture; I would definitely get it again. Very good with the mint and sticky rice. I talked to Kobi and he suggested the "grilled Pork Neck." I plan to get it next time, is it something you have eaten?

Thanks for always sharing!



Hi Derek - I'd been less than pleased with my last visit to Shanghai City in August as well:

The prices had risen fairly dramatically, and the NRM was sub-par. I've also noticed that the NRM is not as good during the week, as during the weekends, probably because they don't sell much of it during the week, they just whip stuff up.

I've had the grilled pork neck, it's not the name implies Kho Moo Yaang, it's marinated....when you get it, make sure to use the sauce provided, it's nothing without the sauce.


Hey Kirk! Thanks for mentioning my "pho!" I think the restaurant here should be called "Pho King Pho" instead of "Pho Bay." Eh? Or maybe "Pho Bay Din." Ha ha ha!


I recently passed by and they have a sign up that says it's going to be reopened as Thuan Phat. Cleanliness!


Hi Jenn - LOL! You are so pun-ny!!!

Hi Sam - Thanks for the info!

Jollibee Food Corporation

I think i need to visit that place.Can't wait to taste the food.


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