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Wednesday, 15 October 2008



Wow, I think we'll have to go and check out that butter corn miso!


I have yet to try Chopstix Too since I always end up at Chopstix. I love the mabo ramen, although it can be a bit too sweet sometimes. Love the katsu curry there and can't forget about that crunchy roll!

Is the broth for the ramen pretty consistent at Chopstix Too? Lately it seems Chopstix is a hit or miss.

Passionate Eater

The Mister sounds like my brother! He always orders the same thing, but usually, it ends of being the best dish of the evening!


It is a very nice vegetarian dish, janfrederick. If you compare the broth to the miso ramen broth, there is a huge difference in the meatiness and deepness flavor factor, but on its own without comparing, it is excellent.
Easier parking at Chopstix Too, Carol. Menu is a bit different (no Hiyashi/cold noodles, no yakisobas). The mabo ramen is pretty consistent and even a bit spicer at this location.
At almost every other restaurant, PE, I am the one who orders the same thing and The Mister goes crazy and never gets the same thing twice...except here. He craves the mabo ramen.


Good to know, Cathy. I like a spicer mabo! I always end up squirting a bunch of sriracha. :-)


There is sriracha on the tables if necessary, Carol. If you really need a spicy heat though, the curries are the way to go.

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