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Monday, 13 October 2008



that raisin bread looks delicious. did you eat all of that in one sitting? that is definitely a lot of sweets. that ice cream you got looks good too. i love mochi as a topping.

ed (from Yuma)

Always wondered about that place. Looks good.

Josh Neumann

It all looks great. Probably not good enough to fly cross country, but if I'm ever in San Diego, I'll have to check this place out.


Oh Sawyer, Me and bread. It has to be fresh and good bread...but very first job was working in a Polish bakery in Detroit. There was a bakery, bar or small grocer on almost every corner in my neighborhood. Oh yes, we finished off that loaf. It is fairly small, though-probably only 1/2 lb. That is a small plate in the photo.
It's very nice here, time...put it on the list.
But if you are out here anyhow, Josh, it can be one of your stops. It is not a pretentious as some other places. Welcome to the commenting side of the blog..


The mango banana smoothie looks like a winner... but not for my diet..thanks



Well, considering your URL shows you were commenting from a computer in Israel, Andy, no, it wouldn't be worth the commute. It is a good smoothie though: no added sweeteners. Thanks for reading our blog.

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