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Tuesday, 07 October 2008



Yeah, opening days can be chaotic, as the staff tries to fall into a routine. I am suprised they advertise olive oil as the cooking medium as it is a horribe frying medium(low smoke point) and also does not evoke thoughts of Korea in any way. I do like me some fried chicken, though. I saw this place the other day when I drove past and will check it out.


Hi Chris - You know, I thought the same thing as well. But I think that rule is more for searing. Depending on the free fatty acid content olive oil can be used for temperatures up to 450 degrees plus:

I think of olive oil to be terrible on it's own for searing, but love to "cut it". Than again, that bitter aftertaste......


hope this place works out!!


Hum.. the places in LA are popular for their wings. I'm going to have to give it a shot! We saw this while we were driving by over the weekend =) Thanks kirk!


I've been waiting for a BBQ Wings place in SD but I think I'll wait a bit before trying this place. I've only fried zucchini in olive oil before but those are quick fries with no after taste. I'm wondering if the heat was a bit too high or maybe they used the wrong kind of olive oil.


hmmm, I am anxiously waiting for KFC to officially show up here in NoCal. Everything sounds pretty disappointing, especially since they didn't get your order right either visit! I personally like the kind of fried wings in the sticky spicy sauces, but like all fried foods, they taste infinitely better if you eat them straight away.


Pricey friend chicken IMO.


That's too bad, all the photos looked quite yummy. Still looking forward in giving them a try. Maybe in a week or two.
As for the olive oil, on the flier was a giant bottle of Extra Virgin. Seems a bit frivolous to me for deep frying chicken if it is what they use.


Chris, Kirk - I thought the same thing about using olive oil for deep frying, but I read that the level of smoking and/or bitterness depend somewhat on how pure/refined the oil is:


I'm Korean, and that doesn't look like the KFC I'm used to (not talking about the chain, of course). Also, that does sound kind of expensive for what it is. Maybe I'll stick to the stuff I see at church picnics. BTW, they sell KFC at the Korean supermarket, Zion (on Mercury St, in Kearny Mesa). It's not the best but it's less than 1/2 the price of the stuff you've reviewed here. If I may be so bold, it's probably just as good (if not better). Cheers :)


Wait! So did you try the WOWFRE? But I can understand if it was so bad you couldn't even bare to type any words to describe its horribleness.

Passionate Eater

You are quite dedicated Kirk, to go on opening day and brave those crowds. Well, that makes you the BBQ food blog (B-est of the B-est, Quality).


Hi Kat - I hope so too!

Hi Clayfu - I think you're thinking about Kyochon....which BTW, has opened in Yes Plaza off of Colima Rd! This chain is known for their Olive Oil Chicken. I hope you enjoy the chicken.

Hi Carol - It could just be that they need to straighten things out.

Hi FH - The way this chain is expanding, it's just a matter of time!

Hi Dennis - Check them out, I'd love to know what you think.

Hi Hao - there are so many different brands of olive oil......

Hi Unsureeater - I've had the chicken from Zion, in the case with the Soondae, etc....They were usually quite sogged out by the time I ate them. The flavor wasn't bad, but not even close to what I consider KFC, from back in the 80's:

Hi Elmo - No they messed up my order. I'm going back just to try that fried rice...I am.

Hi PE - LOL! You are always so very nice.....


I tried the two-piece original chicken combo, which came with fried rice and salad. The fried rice was pretty boring, but not horrible. Both chicken pieces were white meat; the meat was very moist and the batter was very crunchy. But it seemed to be lacking in flavor, and I'm with Kirk - I'd rather have salt & pepper wings.


Hi Sandy - I'm glad you had a chance to check it out. And greetings from Chiang Mai!


I had the 10 pack of Volcano Wings last night. They were delicious. Super spicy. They went out of their way to give me verbal warnings before giving it to me. Usually places can't keep up with my need for spice, but this hit the spot. I didn't go expecting anything special so it turned out better than I though.

And, as an added bonus, I've learned the entire layout of my intestines throughout the night.


Hi Dobson - At least you know your intestinal system still works.....


I work just down the street from this place, on Vickers, and when it replaced the Thai place I was sadley disappointed when that left. But I gave it a wirl.
Anyways, it was OK. As others have said a bit much for what you get, and the wait makes you want to call in any order, and their portions are way to big for a single person for dinner. I'd go again, but as I live in East "Chula'juana", it's not something that I would go out of the way for.
As for Mo's Island Grinds, soemthing not relating to this post, I can unfortunatly confirm the rumor about why it closed. That is it wasn't because of health violations. But I won't say more than that.


Hi RCLC - Nice to hear from's been a while. All the OC food bloggers love this place, but I'm not too impressed.


hi Kirk! Just thought I'd let you know we tried this today -- husband was in SD and shlepped a 10-pc order all the way back to Yuma for the rest of us. I reheated it in the oven for a bit, so I'm not sure if that made it crispier than it would've been if we'd eaten it at the restaurant. I'm going to concur that the chicken's not bad but it's also definitely not worth the price -- it wasn't any better than what I've had at chain buffet places like Hometown Buffet. We didn't get any olive oil aftertaste on the chicken.

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