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Thursday, 04 September 2008



sore wa, omoshiroii des ne!!

Seems I used to have to travel to LA for my kozara ryori. I always had the feeling this would do well in SD. Kirk- see you there!
My place in LA:


I don't have a Japanese Mom but man I would love to be there to eat! *sniff* My mouth is so watering right now, and I just ate. I haven't braved any of the japanese restaurants here in Germany, but I might have to scope some out. :)


Hi Chris - This is more home-style Kozara, and not as seafood heavy as Bar Hayama, or European infuenced as Orris. Just good Japanese comfort food.

Hi Mills - I'd be interested in what you can "scope out" in your part of the world. Everyone can use a Japanese Mom or Grandmother.....


This sounds wonderful! When you first described it to me, I thought it would be more intimidating (like the Chula Vista sushi nazi). I can't wait to try it.


This looks really good. I'd wondered what happened to Yakitori K-1, not that we ever went there but I no longer saw kids loitering out there when I went to Nijiya.
I'm looking forward to part 2.


Looking forward to part 2. Everything, especially the salad looks great!


you cant do that!!! dont leave me hangin! PART 2! PART 2! PART 2! :)

ed (from Yuma)

Amazing - and most of those dishes look so down home - just not my home.

Just what I need, another place I gotta try next time I'm over there.

Captain Jack

Thanks for the shout out brudda :)


Hi Howie - When I first started hearing about this place, i was a bit concered too...which is why I included CJ! ;o)

Hi Lynnea - I think you'd really enjoy this.

Hi Sharon - For me, the salad was my favorite dish....and you'd very rarely ever have me admit something like that!

Hi Judy - Sorry..... But this place is pretty accessable, and not as expensive as I thought it would be. So maybe you can check it out as well!

Hi ED - LOL! The list is getting pretty darn long....add in Sab-E-Lee and this place...I think you've got some catching up to do!

Hi CJ - Thanks for finishing off that tuna salad! ;o)


Thanks, Kirk. Can't wait to try it. You're such a tease, making us wait for part two. LOL
When I read this, I thought of a place way down in Chula Vista on Oxford. Don't know the name.
I wonder if Howie's Chula Vista Sushi Nazi is the same place? Even when its open, its dark. My dad and I tried to go in once, and this lady ran to the door saying we're closed, we're closed, even though you could see lots of people at the tables.


Hi Stephen - sorry to be such a tease! ;o) I was pooped last night...and thought the post was already quite long. As for the place...I'm sure it's Kaga-zushi....


Hi Kirk, I've been here twice and really like the atmosphere and food so far. I don't eat out for dinner much though so haven't been back.
I think they're still in the process of getting their liquor license but they are cool with byob from Nijiya next door until then, haha.

Wandering Chopsticks

I'm in suspense here! I love hidden places like this and the prices all seem very reasonable. That gobo salad looks awesome. Bet I could live to 100 if I ate that. ;)

What would you translate as izakaya then? Tavern/bar food? I've seen some people compare it to tapas. Hence, the small dishes analogy.


Sounds almost like Vietnamese style com phan small dish eaten with rice. It is so home cooking I miss it.

jeff c

This reminds me of those really great "little bit of heart" cinema stories that I love to watch on Japanese television.
I think one of the strongest flavorings in food is sentimentality especially if Mom is involved. I'm glad you found a place that can evoke that. Its to be treasured.
The pumpkin and taro dishes looked like they were just delicious. I hope to try it out whenever I can get to San Diego.


Hi Dennis - I believe they have their liqour license....several sake's available - as you'll find in part 2. This stuff is comfort food for me.....stuff I was riased on.

Hi WC - For me, an Izakaya is a drinking establishment that provides food to accompany the booze....lot's of grilled and fried items. I know the lines are quite blurred, especially since many think of Izakaya's here to be places to eat....I thought about trying to finish the post...but we ate so much, and I was soooo tired.

Hi Billy - Nothing like home cooking....the charm of this place is that you can get a good variety of items that would take a good bit of time at home.

Hi Jeffrey - Yes, the power of comfort food....just think Ratatouille.


that's a great tale of mystery and adventure! my favorite kind of restaurant, under the radar and the menu is signed, yours sincerely, mom... how cool is that? can't wait to hear about the rest of the meal!


Hi FH - was a fun meal!

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