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Tuesday, 02 September 2008



Everything looks good and hearty but then again its all about the taste too. I'm starving now a slice of Costco combo ain't cutting it for dinner.


Thanks for another thorough and informative post Kirk.
The photo of the Roast Duck does look dry! I'm willing to try the BBQ Duck and Pork though, but with an extra order of rice maybe. :)


Spitting out bones on the table? That's just gross. I would have RUN from the place! Bleah.
So, where does one go for good duck?


Thanks for the shout out, Kirk! I did fully enjoy the Sieu Sieu chow mein. Although it must be mentioned that I haven't gone back since that first time, and I work about two blocks away. By contrast, after my first time at Sab-E-Lee both myself and my coworker went back for take-out the next day!

The roast duck looks pretty skippable, especially with better options available less than a mile in every direction. When I took my coworkers there to eat, one of my coworkers ordered roast duck and salted chicken over rice, and he left most of the roast duck on the plate.

Next time I make roast duck chow mein or roast duck pad thai I might try the BBQ duck.


I thought about popping in this past weekend when I drove by but I think I'm going to pass.

I think Stephen is on to something. Who does have the best roast duck in SD? I've always just gotten it from Jasmine. Maybe I'm missing out somewhere else.

The Food Ho

Ha! I have never seen anyone spitting out the bones on the table! Maybe I was too engrossed in my own meals to notice.

That vietnamese place on University Ave kind of by Lucky Star has good roast duck and pork - I can't remember the name... it's in a shopping center across the street from a high school.


A restaurant with lots of older customers usually means that the place offers big portions of food for a low price.

I've never been to the old Sieu Sieu BBQ place. Maybe I'll get some take-out one of these days to try out the wonton soup or the chow mein (I'm not much of a duck fan).


Hi Billy - Most everything was decent...but not great.

Hi Dennis - Why thanks!

Hi Stephen - It's kind of frustrating....I've found most everywhere to be very inconsistant. So far, of all the places, Jasmine has been the most consistant.

Hi Fred - My pleasure. Yes, that roast duck needs some work.

Hi Carol - So far Jasmine has been the most consistant. I used to like Golden City, but I think they changed their BBQ Chef.

Hi TFH - If you've eaten in enough Chinese places in the SGV, you'd be sure to run into that. It's kind of common practice in China....or so I've been told.

Hi Sandy - Yes, you're could also be that they are just checking the place out.....because it's inexpensive.


been there....with the skin on the hard side on Roast Pork and it's almost like chewing on leather. I bet the regular customers would be naturals with sunflower seeds.


Hi RONW - Sunflowers seeds...LOL! This was not quite shoeleather, but was still pretty tough.


This place has pretty good roast duck, Pi Pa Duck (the flat kind) and very very good roast pork with the crispy skin. They are more like a common folk version of China Max. Food is good, my family goes there for dinner too. Most of the dishes are very authentic Cantonese, if that suits your taste. Service is not bad, the guys are fast, and efficient enough. They run both the take out and the sit down area. Very helpful for food suggestion too. Service is better than Sam Woo, need I say more? :)
Kirk, please tell the missus that this place also has some kind of traditional lamb stew only served during the cold months. We missed it by one table this year once we found out, they only had one dish left.


Hi Nicole - Thanks for the recommendation....I still haven't been back since that Dim Sum, so I guess I should!

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