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Monday, 15 September 2008



Wow, did you do a food tour all in one day? It always take me about 3 hours to go to just three different places in Little Saigon. (Too must traffic congestion.) By the way, my mom makes banh gio just like the one in the post too. I'm not a big fan of it but it's good for a snack. My favorite is banh nam. Anyways, I will definitely check out those yummy shops in OC sometimes soon.


Hey Tammy - So will your Mom make some for me? ;o) I've still got 2 more places to go....with all of this, would you believe we finished up with lunch?


yummy foodie adventure!


My parents emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam in '78 and I was born and raised in El Monte, CA (San Gabriel Valley). Anytime they were hankering for some Hue food, we'd drive all the way to this restaurant in Little Saigon called Hue Rendezvous. I remember going there when I was really young (around early 1990s). Now that I'm in San Diego, I don't get to go as often. Their specialties are Bun Bo Hue, Banh Nam, Banh Bot Loc, and Banh Beo. I remember my parents ordering that every time. We've tried other dishes there and everything is pretty damn tasty. It is my dad's favorite Hue restaurant.

I'm pretty sure this is the address: 15562 Brookhurst St., Westminster, CA 92683. Happy eating!


Wow! what a whirlwind tour. What is green rice and is it naturaly green?

With such places like those, I might travel to San diego instead of vietnam! Everything looks yum. I think durian rice might be a bit rich myself.
btw... is beach a nickname or a real name?


Hi Kat - This was fun...with Beach, it's always an adventure!

Hi Kim - Thanks for the recommendation. Billy, who often comments here also recommended Hue Rendezvous, so I'm sure it's good.

Hi Rachel - This neighborhood is in Orange County, closer to LA than San is pretty close to Disneyland, in case you're thinking of a vacation! And yes, Beach is an alias.....


wow, my tastebuds are spinning - looks like a great time!


So cool! This is an epic quest worthy of Homer and you have Ulysses himself as a guide! LUCKY! Can't wait to see Part 2!


Hey those are my typical stops in Bolsa, especially the che place but the one on Bolsa though.


There are soooo many places in Little Saigon that it's good to have some recommendations. I've used Wandering Chopsticks' suggestions a couple of times; we'll have to add these to the queue.

I'm looking forward to part 2 of the whirlwind tour!

Passionate Eater

All I know, is that I want to go on your next food tour, with YOU!

Passionate Eater

Haha, that Beach is a machine!


Hi FH - Man was it......

Hi Elmo - Beach is master of his domain.

Hi Billy - Hey, maybe we ran into you....and didn't even know it!

Hi Sandy - Hopefully, it won't take me as long to get to that post, as it is finishing up Cambodia!

Hi PE - I keep telling Beach he should do Little Saigon eating tours when he retires!


Aaaargh! You beat me to it! I still need to get around to doing my Beach's Little Saigon series with reviews of all his recommendations.

I was gonna turn green and smash things, then have Ang Lee direct a movie about my rampage, but your flattery has soothed the savage panda. =D


Hi CP - LOL! Nothing worse than a savage "green" Panda(rabies!!!) on the I'm glad you accept my flattery....

Pepsi Monster

Nice! I like your tour of Little Saigon and get a little of everything. Now I want to try a tour of that town too and get a little of everything!


Hi PM - It's really great to have someone like Beach to guide you around.

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