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Saturday, 20 September 2008



You realize I'm going to have to retrace your steps, right? =D


Hi CP - I think you'll do me at least 2-3 better! There's no messing with a panda on a mission! Can't wait to read about it.


What a busy/rough day you had! You had to eat your way through it literally ;-)


Hi Billy - You know the pain, no gain! ;o)


"the worse the parking lot, the better the food????" -> so true! :)


Hi Kathy - So you noticed that too, huh?


I'm adding the bakery to the ever-growing list of places to visit the next time we're in Little Saigon.

As for "the worse the parking lot, the better the food????" - usually lots of customers in a restaurant is a good sign. And those customers have to park somewhere!


Hi Sandy - Cho Cu bakery made some really good Banh Mi.

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