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Monday, 29 September 2008



I was just at Bolsa down the street last night getting some Pho. I've driven by this place many a time and will stop by next time!


I don't think I'll be craving pho for awhile. I cooked about or close to 3-4 gallons worth of pho! 2 package of ox tail 4-5lbs, 2 package of beef shank with bone in 4lbs, 1lbs of brisket with all the fat, and 5lbs of beef bone. My family ate it all up in 1 day for lunch and for dinner. And the bone marrow is so so so goooood. I wonder why some of these shop have to resort to adulterating their pho if just making it wholesome and simple it would sell. I think I spent closet to $80.oo to feed close to 20-30 people. And I only spend 10 hours to cook it. FYI - making it with the more expensive cuts to will cut down on your cooking time. And I never use MSG nor do I have any in my cupboard.


this is a nice pho place, altho i have not been there for a while. i like lucky pho too haha. i have not gotten the bun bo hue there, although i have gotten it at that place where i read a post about and that was my first time trying bun bo was really good. i forget the name, but its in the same plaza as k's sandwiches. that plaza had my favorite pho place, pho pasteur..i liked the broth there a lot. and as a bonus, i'd walk to ks after to pick up some sandwiches, for some midnight munchies. also, i believe a taco truck used to be in that area too, from another post that i read on this site...not sure if you kirk were the one who wrote it tho. and let me tell you, my friends and i loved that taco truck....last i heard though from a friend that that taco truck was gone. hopefully that isn't true. hurray for pho!


it has been raining here all day, this pho looks like a nice way to warm up :)

ed (from Yuma)

Here I thought I was the only one not especially fond of rare steak, yet that seems the default meat usually at pho places - it comes with virtually all the meat combos.

But jeez, I'd love to have a pho place here. Even a mediocre one. With just rare steak as a meat option. Please.


Kirk, you must have been reading my mind. I'm going to PHC for lunch. Rare steak and tendons for me please. I think the one in MM is a bit more consistent than the one in RB, which the Mister and I go on the weekends. But I'll have to remember to try pho for breakfast one day. Sounds wonderful, especially on a cold morning.


Ha! Ever since I started working for a company with folks who aren't huge fans of anything but McDonalds, I've become a Pho breakfast guy myself. I usually hit up Viet Cali (VC!) on the other end of MMB (take that!), but I do kind of miss going to PHC. About a year ago, the express PHC in RB, but it isn't quite the same as Daddy, which takes me back to my first heady days of living in San Diego...and by the way, moving from the Bay Area, one of my big concerns was finding suitable Pho down here...fortunately, it can be had.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I just wanted to thank you for this trip down memory lane. I'll have to head back this week for MY dream bowl of brisket, flank, tendon, tripe, and MORE tendon. And yah, I'm guilty of hooking up the hoisin and chicken sauce without nary a taste. But I guess I enjoy abusing my palette.



Hi Sharon - They do a pretty good job...though I rather have Pho from Lucky.

Hi Billy - It's because it's all about $$$, and competition makes it impossible to raise prices.

Hi Sawyer - I think you mean Mien Trung? They make my favorite Bun Bo Hue....we're there almost every week during the winter.

Hi Kat - The weather's been kinda strange here, so Pho tasted pretty good.

Hi Ed - I'm still thinking it's just a matter of time....

Hi Carol - What's better than a nice bowl on a cold morning...than you can go home and go back to sleep! ;o)

Hi Jan - LOL! I get a bit lazy at times and tend to is kinda funny. I'd take a Banh Mi over a Egg McSomethin' any day of the week....

Wandering Chopsticks

Haha! I love that you can spot lemongrass and shrimp paste as the "soul" of bun bo Hue. :)


You can always ask for the meat combination at pho restaurants. It probably helps to know the Vietnamese words although I confess that I haven't learned them yet.

PHC on MM can get pretty busy on weekends, although I've never had a problem finding parking (just not primo). The PHC in RB is newer, and I'm guessing they're busier on weekdays.

And I'm always amused at the polo shirt colors worn by the workers. Light blue day? Dark green day?

cheese cheese

pho for breakfast - no wonder you're my hero!

i wonder if most pho places open for breakfast...


Hi WC - It takes a lot to make a good bowl of Bun Bo Hue, but I believe that the broth is the key.

Hi Sandy - They probably have a color coded calendar.....

Hi CC - Many Pho' shops open 8am. In Hanoi, it is breakfast food.

Passionate Eater

Wow, you got an intense showdown-show in addition with your meal! Golly, I wouldn't be that angry about the thumbs in the soup. Servers should have clean hands anyway, and the soup was served scorching hot, so the bacteria wouldn't have survived!


Hi Kirk!

I used to go to PHC all the time when I lived up in Mira Mesa. Out of all the other vietnamese places I've eaten at, I think PHC does egg rolls the best!


that tendon has me smacking my lips Kirk! and I don't know that I've ever really paid attention about fingers in my soup, but that grosses me out and that's a good thing to call out.


Hi PE - You know, I don't think I would have noticed if someone delivered Pho to my table with his thumbs in the soup....I mean with hot broth it would hurt like heck! But of course, now I check out the thumbs as the Pho arrives!

Hi Fred - Check out Pho Sao Bien's Cha Gio.....they use the right kind of rice paper.

Hi FH - I've been keeping my eyes on my server's fingers since that episode....


By the way, I just returned from Viet Cali where I ordered my dream bowl of pho. "brisket, flank, tendon, tripe, and MORE tendon"
Actually, I skipped on the brisket, but it was durned good.


Hi Jan - You know, I've got give that place another try....I really didn't care much for it on my previous visits.


Hi, Kirk! I just tried my first pho in Korea and posted about it. Maybe you can swing by and check it out when you get a chance. Please try not to cry!


Hi Jenn - Oh my, that looked horrid....

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