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Thursday, 25 September 2008



that pizza looks delicious as does the cannoli. i have been craving pizza for some time now, and have not had a cannoli for a while either. i accidentally wrote my last comment under 'mothermayi.' this is the title of my blog, which was inspired by you, kirk, and the rest of the food blogging community that i enjoy reading so much. i look forward to your next post!


Such a great stop if you find yourself running early to the airport!


I try to make it to the store about once a month to stock up on canned maters and whatnot. I love the deli and I adore the little baby sandwiches up on the deli counter. I usually grab a few for the family and then we head out to Shelter Island to walk the doggies and let our son romp around.

Hmmmm....this gives me an idear for Saturday. ;)


I knew it was your blog, Sawyer-we have magic ways of looking at things via typepad. I like your posts and recipes. I did not know we were an inspiration for you, though. I'm honored! I like good pizza with a nice crust, sometimes I want a chewy, yeasty, olive oil infused crust and sometimes I want the fresh made ut thin crust from Bronx. It depends...
This will be a stop on the way to the airport from now on, Trent.
Yes, JF, I think I will be downtown this Saturday also...


The wife and I have been eating here ever since we started dating way back when, and my parents have been eating here for as long as they can remember... most definitely an overlooked restaurant. It's a break from the overpriced starch peddlers from, I'd say, 75% of the restaurants on India street. Mona Lisa sticks to a simple menu and does it well, traditional Italian food with very robust flavor.

I feel especially lucky when they have their artichoke, garlic, tomato, basil and onion pizza available... There's nothing better than walking in the door and seeing that on the special menu! (Of course you can always request it to be made as well)

The wife and I buy their marinara/meat sauce all the time and use it in a variety of dishes. It's always a hit with the friends.

When I really get the urge I pick up some of their ravioli from the freezer. It's really expensive but the ravioli are huge and you can only eat a couple before feeling engorged. They also have some great harder-to-find items in their market. Oh and the deli... worth every penny, no matter what you are buying.


and we only happened to walk in here, Bryan-longtime Filippi's loyalists. I'll be back this weekend though. Definitely. I love baked ravioli.


I have been going to this place as long as I can remember. There is a Mona Lisa in Allied Gardens as well. Same family.


Actually, the first Mona Lisa was in Santee, Michael...but it had no grocery, which is why we would go to Filippi's when we had time. We just never followed them once we were in Little Italy...until now. It is really good. Since I love calzones- because of ricotta, this pizza was perfect!


mmm, the mozzarella on the caprese looks like a very generous sized slab, as does the filling in the cannoli, looks like a fine feast!


Excellent portions and oh so cheesey, FH! Excellent meal.

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