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Tuesday, 16 September 2008



Hi Didi - The Missus thinks Kitfo is too rich as well.

Hagos Tesfaye

Kitfo is not Eritrean dish. It is Ethiopian dish.


Hey HT - I wrote "Ethiopian/Eritrean" go figure.....


Hi Kirk! Love your posts, sorry for commenting on such an old one, but would love to hear your take on Muzita, another Ethiopian restaurant in SD


Hi Alice - Thanks for reading and taking the time out to comment! I did go to Muzita once right after
the posted comments and wasn't too impressed. For local places, I usually make multiple visits before a post....I'll make it a point to return and do a couple of visits once we return to some point of normalcy. Thanks so much for the reminder. And if there's something you enjoyed at Muzita; please let me know!

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