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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Another interesting post. I'm glad you made it to Asmara. I thought that place was quite nice and, like you said, a good place to be introduced to Ethiopian/Eritrean. But I didn't try the raw dishes there. Maybe next time.


Oh My Goodness! A raw post. You win for originality. Now I am hungry and it's only 8:30. I am going out to lunch today...

jeffrey c

Kirk, really neat on the raw meat cuisine. We had Ethiopian friends and they used to make this amazingly hot spicy beef. Wonderful stuff. I think that African cuisine needs to be explored more. Lots of similar spices but a different take on the combination.
The Buga reminded me of a tartar but heavily spiced.
As an aside, do you know what the Buga stands for? I've seen it in a Korean singing group called the Buga Kings which featured Bobby Kim. You should check out their stuff.


I'm still trying to grasp the raw stuff you have been eating and I thought I had an iron stomach. I need some guidance! ;-)

Jeff C

Kirk, forget about Buga. I found it out. Keep forgetting there is a thing called Google out there.


Korea House, on Convoy, has a good Yuk Hwe (Bi Bim Bap). Tsuruhashi also has a very good Yuk Hwe.

the office goat

Nice report. I wonder if there is any local Lebanese restaurant that sells kibbeh nayyeh (very fresh raw ground lamb, cracked wheat, salt and some onion)?

The GastroGnome

I love reading your blog, and as a fellow lover of raw meat, this was a great round up of different types. I especially love kitfo and thought I'd pipe in with this: Eritrea, unlike Ethiopia, was colonized. The Italians ruled there for a short period, but that is from where your spaghetti comes. The Eritrean restaurant I most enjoy always has Eritrean TV on, and once it was giving pasta making lessons. I actually reccomend the pasta if it comes with a similar sauce to the ones here: It's like Ethiopian spiced bolognese.


Hi Ed - The Kitfo is very filling....

Hi Cathy - LOL! We're in the 830 am.... ;o)

Hi Jeffrey - I love the phrase "really neat on the raw meat".....

Hi Billy - All this stuff is pretty easy to'd probably not even blink an eye.

Hi MJK - Sheeesh, how could I forget about Tsuruhashi! As for Korea House, I've never had a satisying meal there....but it's been years, so maybe I'll check them out soon.

Hi TOG - There probably is off the's just finding it that's the hard part.

Hi GG - I love your blog as well. Thanks for that interesting tidbit!


Kirk that's a splendid array of raw beef, that koi soi sounds really good, I've got to look for that on the menu!


Hi FH - I think the Koi Soi is very good...if you can take the heat.


mmm-yoso RAW, eh? Is that like Morimoto RAW? I'm so glad you didn't go for the Naked mmm-yoso instead. =D


Hi CP - Well considering that I'd rather stimulate your appetite, rather than ruin it....I think raw would be better. ;o)

Little Miss Contrary

I got take-out from Sab-E-Lee this past Friday night, and I must say that it is undoubtedly the most authentic Thai restaurant in San Diego. Their larb and spicy salad dishes are authentically North/Northeast style--people in Bangkok don't even eat the koi dish! The restaurant was packed full, mostly of Thai people who had heard about the place from word of mouth. I am so happy that I don't have to drive all the way to Thai Town to enjoy authentic food--thanks, Kirk!


Hi LMCC - I'm glad you enjoyed the food at Sab-E-Lee.....I'm overjoyed not to have to make the drive to Thai Town for a decent meal of Thai Food.


LOL kirk ... love all the mini posts. Pity we can't say ... like we've never seen it before, mmm-yoso in the raw (hey it rhymes!) I would love to try eritrean food and the koi soi sometime. Just wish we had such diverse culture here in Aust :( Anyway I can still live vicariously through you.


Hi Rachel - LOL! the raw... he-he-he. Having read a bit about Australia, I know how diverse it is there. Which is why it is on my list of places I need to visit!


Kirk, give Muzita a try for Ethiopean food. It's on Park across the street from El Zarape and next to Soltano at University Height. The lamb is to die for.


Hi Didi - I'll check them out one of these days. I have to say the prices, and the fact that they wouldn't serve their Kitfo raw kinda turns me off.


Hi Kirk, you are right, the prices are on the high side, but i think the food is good. And the skirt steak that they had for a while was tasty (i don't know if it's on/off the menu).

I never took to raw kitfo. Had it at Harar and it was ok, i think the butter threw me off so i prefer lightly sauteed if i have it. The prices there is reasonable and food is good but the hood is a little shady and the service can be slow.

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