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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Hao Ye

As a student involved in studying ecosystem stability and sustainable fisheries management, I should point out that Chilean (or "Chirian") Seabass is a very slow-growing deepwater fish that can't really be harvested sustainably, regardless of what the Marine Stewardship Council says. Illegal harvesting of this fish is a huge issue, as well as improper identification, so it's entirely possible that you would be paying a premium for the wrong fish! (which isn't that much better for the actual Chilean Seabass, since you would be supporting an unsustainably fishery.)


@Hao: Oh reary? 8)


chirian...too funny :)


That 1st commentator is very responsible, and probably not long familiar with this blog. Anyone not informed about the points brought up should be.

ed (from Yuma)

What I thought was weird is the Chirian Seabass is also labeled "Wild USA." Since when is Chiri in the US?


Nice figure Kirk ;-)

Interesting updates BBQ chicken not so exciting.


Kick his @$$ chirian seabass!


Kirk, I am constantly impressed by your appetite. You need an About page! (Not that I'm stalking you or anything, I'm just fascinated by the stuff you post and want to know why and how and when you do it!)


My family is going to miss the fresh baked bread at Vien Dong III.

Christine D.

Oh how I love Engrish! Nice find!

"Danger: If you fall in the pond,"
you will be boiled.


BBQ chicken is a chain that's similar to Kyochon or other KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) joints. They already have locations in the LA area in Koreatown, Buena Park, and soon in Irvine. So it looks like you'll soon get your wish, Kirk!

Here's the website and the LA yelp and Buena Park yelp



I agree with Krista above, it's almost like your a ghost. I've met multiple people who know you (I even missed you at our new favorite Thai place by an hour or two according to Kobi) It' almost like you're the "great food ghost!" *laughs* Now you officially have a title.


It is more interesting how many people miss me when I am sitting right there, Derek. I blend in a bit... :)


Pfui, what happened to Vien Dong? I was hoping to pick up something from the live tanks there this week.


Hi Hao - Thank you....I appreciate and respect your beliefs. If you do a google search on Chilean Seabass on our'll find that I've consumed Chilean Seabass exactly zero fact, I haven't eaten it since probably around 2003. If someone asks me or makes mention of Chilean Sea Bass, I will always explain to them why. But I prefer not to be the food police.

Hi Kat - A classic case of Engrish!

Hi Trent - Hao has been commenting for a fairly long time. And has his own blog, to boot!

Hi Ed - Not quite sure....

Hi Billy - LOL!

Hi Jan - Double LOL!

Hi Krista - I'm really a pretty boring....and just plain ordinary guy. One day I'll do a post...about me.

Hi Sandy - It was almost/kinda on the way home for me...I'm going to miss it as well.

Hi Christine - That's funny ;o)

Hi Gilbert - Thanks for all the that case, I'm looking forward to it's opening.

Hi Derek - I'm just a very plain ordinary guy...nothing special. I'm not a ghost......not yet, anyway! ;o)

Hi Cathy - Not at Ba Ren you don't! ;o)

Hi SK - Anything I'd write would be pure speculation. But I think the neighborhood is changing....

Chef Jenn

wow! I am shocked to find out about Vien Dong! Thanks for putting t out there, I will spread the word. So sad.


It's a shame about Vien Dong. I'll miss their selection, seafood (especially the dungeonous crab), and their food court (cheap prices, lots of food). Plus it was so close to me. Now I'll have to put up with the traffic at Ranch 99. Ugh...


Hi CJ - It is sad to see Vien Dong go....

Hi Denver - You know, I had thought of you when I first saw them closing down.

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