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Tuesday, 30 September 2008



Aww man, you missed out on the tripe. I was wary at first, but now I try not to miss it. Mmm...curried tripe.
We haven't been in a couple of months. It's about time. :)


I haven't sat down for dim sum in almost a year. The Mister got burnt out on dim sum a couple of years back so now I just get take-out from Jasmine's deli (usually when the Mister is out of town, heehee). I love all the dishes you ordered, but I've never tried the wonton soup. I'll have to remember that one.


It's such a bad idea to read this blog between meals!

I prefer having Jasmine's dim sum early rather than later; I've found that they sometimes run out of items. The down side of going early is that some of the special items aren't out yet.

I wonder if the wonton soup is a recent item? I don't remember seeing that cart before.


Didn't see the curried tripe, JF, or I would've tried it. Never had anything curry flavored there...It was just plain tripe and the chee fee in red colored sauce-which is not spicy or overly flavored to me...Hm- Carol and Sandy- Both of you never saw the wonton soup either...each won ton had two whole shrimp in it, and then the veggies and some was *wonderful*. I think I am going to the deli for a quick take out soon...which would be a nice lunch, Sandy...We did notice during the early dim sum that 'better' stuff was showing up just about the time we started to get full...but we also know we got everything fresh.


Oooh, haven't had dimsum in a while, this looks good. Is that curried tripe kind of an organ delight with turnips or am I thinking of something else? I'm hungry though and it all looks good.


I didn't see the curry tripe or would have gotten it...the regular tripe looked kind of dried out and gray and so we just didn't get any on this visit. I love dim sum just is time consuming.


Yeah Jasmine is the choice for dim sum in San Diego other than China Max (also recommended). I'd go early lunch to get a seat, much better than waiting or going later.

Pearl in Rancho Bernardo is also good dim sum (I heard it's managed by Emerald's owner), but the wait can be incredibly long.


This place is HORRIBLE, the food is not any better and it's overpriced. The WORST customer service ever, just wasn't worth the wait for the food. Stay away from this place even if you can speak Chinese.

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