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Wednesday, 10 September 2008


tina marie

That Loco Moco made me drool a bit. I'm embarrassed to admit that. haha I'm definitely going to have to take a trip there with the Mister and wee one next time I'm in San Diego. Thanks for giving me faith that a good Loco still exists.


Hi Alexander - the prices are on the high side; but the food is pretty good.

Hi Tina Marie - That loco moco was good....and the crepe on the bottom was a nice surprise.

Samantha Godfredson

Eww, no. I recommend not eating here. The food was nothing special and was too expensive for such a cheap taste. I plan on not returning, ever.


Hi Samantha - I did think the prices for some of the entrees was high...but cheap taste? I dunno what qualifies as "cheap taste"....maybe men wearing capri pants? Wait, that's bad taste...and truly deserving of an ewww.... Perhaps you have some recommendation for local kine grindz???

the office goat

I just went here last week, for the first time ever, and brought food home to split with the wife and kids. It was great! I don't feel so bad now about not having Mo's/Da Kitchen/Da Kine's around anymore. It's not super close to the Mira Mesa area, but it's not a bad drive.

I loved the mac salad (so did my kids), the included fish was a welcome addition for us. At many plate lunch places (like the old Island Boy and Da Kines) I'd skip the mac salad for another scoop of rice, but not with this.

Got the fried rice locomoco with eggs over medium, clean forgot about the huge pancake until I opened the box at home. I'm a pancake slut so this dish was like a dream come true. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

You know when you go to a restaurant for the first time and have something so great that you end up ordering it every time you go? I have a feeling my relationship with their loco moco is going to be like that.

Also got a mixed kalbi/bulgogi/teri chicken plate, another teri chicken plate and a kalua pork plate. One green salad with the mango dressing which was nice and worth eating -- definitely not just an afterthought item in the box alongside the rice and main dish.

The kalua pork had big slices of cabbage leaf (though not too many of them), not just wisps. We had so much food that there were kalua pig leftovers which made great fried rice the next day, and the robust cabbage bits held up to reheating and were tasty on day two as well.

The folks running the place were very nice, too. I'd be happy to take my parents or my kids there. Not like the old Island Boy where you could listen to the owner yell at the staff 3' from your table. We didn't eat there too many times after that...


Hi TOG - I'm glad you enjoyed Island Style....but did you really just call yourself a "pancake slut"??? ;o)

the office goat

Hey, I've been called worse things!


Hi TOG - Come to think of it so have I......

Erica Sarno

I thought the food was okay. I've had way better. People are over exaggerating on how good this place is, cause honestly, I don't find it that great. I think the crepes are a rip off as well.


Thanks for this post! We tried Island Style on Saturday and loved it! I dreamt of Korean chicken Friday night and told hubby he had to get me a plate lunch when I woke up the next day. Everything was really good - the kalbi, the teri beef, the fried rice, Korean chicken, and the BBQ chicken. Hubby thought the salad dressing was "just OK" but all in all, he rated it the best he'd had in SD. :)


Hi Lori - I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.

Hi Erica - Since you and "Samantha Godfredson" have the same IP address... tsk-tsk....

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