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Wednesday, 10 September 2008



I wish there was a really good loco moco joint around the OC area at any rate I need to get some loco moco fixen asap.


I just noticed this place yesterday, and wondered if you had heard about it. I haven't had a loco moco in awhile, and this version sounds yummy.


looks like the "real deal", glad it satisfied :)

jeff c

Kirk, just from the pictures alone, I can see the quality they put in to it. Its a bit more upscale in price but I think you get what you pay for. I hope they get a lot of support because I sure hope to try em someday, esp. the loco moco.

ed (from Yuma)

That's an amazing looking loco moco. Wow.


Wow, this looks like the same strip mall as the fish place Cathy blogged about a while back. There's a small produce market there too. I just might have to stop by.


Hi Billy - I'm sure Elmo would have some idea....

Hi Sandy - It's a bit different, but in a good way. I was surprised at how the crepe was with the gravy....

Hi Kat - Not your standard issue Loco Moco, but pretty darn good!

Hi Jeffrey - I think these folks will do pretty really looks like they care about what they do.

Hi Ed - Yes, not your average Loco Moco, that's for sure.

Hi Jan - Yes, that is the strip mall....


Thanks for the shoutout Kirk! Sounds like an interesting place with lots of neat sounding stuff to try.. Since you liked the loco moco gravy I take that as a really good sign judging by all your past loco moco posts!


mMMM...that loco moco looks amazing Kirk-there's an hour to go til lunch and there is no plate lunch place in Walnut Creek within walking distance...or at all, I think. :) I'm drooling.

cheese cheese

I've been lusting for that locomoco ever since 10am - that locomoco picture is going on my wallpaper!

It's Korean Food Week starting tomorrow.


Hi Dennis - Yes, this place is pretty good.

Hi Penny - Oh my.....I'd be dying....

Hi CC - Thanks for the info, I'd heard about it, but now I have more info. Good looking Loco Moco, huh?


Funny - I just sat down at my computer, with the menu for this place, so that I can email you about the loco moco on a crepe! Geez, you're fast!

I live in Tierrasanta and I'm thrilled that we now have a island-style restaurant. Between them and Bud's I'm pretty happy! Hmmm, I'll have to search your blog to see how many Tierrasanta places you've been to. ;-)


Hi Karen - First off, thanks for thinking of us! I appreciate it. Off the top of my head, other than Bud's, we've done Rickshaw corner, and Cathy's done Fish Bucket....any other rec's are always appreciated.


Hi kirk! so glad you found a good eating spot. I love great recommendations :) That loco moco sounds wonderful! I have yet to even try a standard loco moco let alone one with a twist like this one. It sounds really yum! Looking forward to seeing what else this place can churn out.


Hi Rachel - Welcome back, we haven't heard fom you in a while! It will be nice to see what else is in store......


Hey Kirk, I have got to stop reading the posts so early in the morning. That is a beautiful loco moco. I love it when they come with fried rice. I'll have to stop by for lunch. Thanks for the review!


Hey Carol - I think you'll like this place......


Nice, looks good. Also, if you are looking for a new pizza place, try the Sicilian Thing....nice crust, the real deal. If you order the whole pie, plan on 4 days worth of leftovers but its worth it. Best Sicilian in San Diego.


Hi PedMa - Thanks for the rec!


Passed by it a couple of times over the year. The write-up and pictures make for a visit. Thanks for the FYI....

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