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Tuesday, 23 September 2008



Everything about this place looks fantastic! Greek food with strawberry shake? Unbelievable.


Funny Cathy, I just had Onion Rings recently on my birthday! My friends remembered me not having much of a sweet tooth. Thanks for the post, I feel like getting some kind of rotisserie chicken tomorrow! Too bad we don't have Zankou here.


Now onion rings and fried zucchini sticks would have been perfect with our rotissiere cornish hen tonight. Drat, I'm hungry again.


a happy belated birthday to you and the mr. that place looks good, and the prices for that amount of zuch/onino rings seemslike a good deal. i remmeber somewhere way back you posting about that shake. looks like a good place to hit for the munchies. i've been thinking about onion rings for this past week too.


Ah, Sharon, you must not know the joy that is Foster's Freeze...the soft serve vanilla from there is light yellow and french vanilla in comparison, DQ is merely cold white stuff. You have seen we don't get shakes or those sort of beverages when we eat out, but when we are here, I *have* to.(although if it is my choice, it is vanilla...but it is still part of the days when The Mister gets to choose the food) :)
Oh Dennis, I have far more of a salty than sweet tooth, also. Not much close to Zankou here, but schawarma at any of the Mediterranean palces in El Cajon or downtown is a nice rotissiere is even easier nowadays-seems you can get it anywhere...
It's the fried anything Carol. Just admit it.
Thanks for the good wishes, and welcome mothermayi, to our blog. Almost every gyros/Greek place around makes *great* onion rings it seems.


Yum fried veggies, the irony.


The joy, Bill, the joy...

Porta Rickin Rick

Love, love, love this place! We usually go to the one on Main, but it is very satisfying. Love their salads, gyros (pronounces NY style jyroes), and, of course, their chicken. Pass on the fish grotto, but I'll be back here fosho!


We used to go to the one on Main, also PRR, this one by the DMV is closer to us. (Actually drove past the one on Main to go to another one of our meals, which you will see blogged in a couple of days.) We just get what we crave. It's tradition. Especially the Grotto.

andy abraham

I love trying Greek recipes and food... eventhough if it is a restaurant... I prefer cooking my own... but will try anything..thanks



Cathy you must go to all of my favorite spots to eat. My wife and I love going to Greek Style Chicken. Going to have to ask her to stop there on the way home tonight. I can't wait for some of those fried zucchini and a chicken pita.


Hey, Jimmy! I live in Santee you know...and I share where the good places are. I am glad to see that there are people who live out here also and know what I am talking about. It's Tuesday, isn't it?


I know its Tuesday, but the wife didn't want tacos tonight. But I did go to L & L for lunch and had a couple of Kalua Pork Tacos.


That was my lunch last Tuesday and I was busy today. The Mister is working late and I don't want cook...But gosh I love the Gyros pita and onion rings...

teresa higgens

Gyros are a gift from heaven.

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