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Sunday, 28 September 2008



Aw, I love the name "Foodland". Reminds me of home (Hawaii), where it's a local grocery chain.


Aw, I love "foodland". Reminds me of home (hawaii) where it's a local grocery chain.


Oops, I guess I love it so much I had to say it twice :) sorry.


Oh I was so excited to see I had three comments, I'll just leave yours up, tani. Welcom to the comments side of the blog! This is a neat grocery store and kind of a small chain, all are IGAs and have interesting selections corresponding to the neighborhood where located. I only went in here one Voting Day a few years ago, looking for a beverage, and saw the taqueria...and then started discovering most of the IGAs had such eclectic products in the stores...


For a second I thought the cheese was bad until I read blue cheese. I can only image how strong it would take and how perfect it would be for blue cheese dressing. YUM!


Very good, Bill- Yes, we make blue cheese dressing with it...garlic is involved.


i've never had buche or birria before...nor a fresca. another thing on my list to eat when i go down to sd. gota love the tomatillos too. very nice pictures.


Buche is prety much an acquired taste, Sawyer, as is the birria. Each is good in its own way. Walk into *any* Mexican grocery store and you'll most likely find a taqueria...the aquas frescas vary from place to place. I'm sure you have had horchata and jamaica and tamarindo-those come in concentrates from various suppliers. When you see something else, try it...Foodland had a watermelon one which we also had later, but I did not photograph. Excellent.

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