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Monday, 08 September 2008



what a great adventure! and you ate ants, wow! beautiful photos, Kirk!


You are such a tease. I have not forgot about what you asked me. Answers are coming (albeit slowly). Some very interesting meals you had there. Can't wait for more installment.


The Fear Factor couple, I thought I was brave but you have set the bar pretty high!


Hi Kat - At least there was something to make the meal memorable.....

Hi Beach - Thanks....sorry for taking so long with these posts.

Hi Billy - You don't have to be just have to not know what you're eating before you eat it! ;o)


Oh my goodness, ants! Kudos to you for continuing to chomp on...I admit that seeing the ant upclose would have made me the slightest bit hesitant, ehehe ^_^


Hi Kathy - I think you'd do the same...sort of, "oh, ok, it's ants"... and than keep on eating.

jeffrey c

Kirk, I feel like putting on a fedora and strapping a bull whip to my belt and go adventuring whenever I see your pics.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Thanks for the pictures! I get to travel vicariously again, which is always good.


wow, who would think that ants would be sour and crunchy? what a fun atmospheric adventure!

Passionate Eater

You braved the dangers of Cambodia and won Kirk! I love that you were able to understand and communicate, even despite the language barrier. THat is the beauty of human kindness. :)


Hi Jeffrey - LOL! I'm so far from that..... What I do, is get a driver, read the guidebooks, and hope I don't forget the sunscreen!

Hi JS - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Hi FH - Yes, who'd have thunk.....I wouldn't mind having it again.

Hi PE - I'm glad you are ok! There really weren't any dangers...well, maybe sunburn, tired feet, and bug bites..... We mete some of the warmest folks in Siem Reap.


Thanks for the great pics and post.
OK, I'm now convinced, you WILL eat anything!
Good for you. =]


Hi Stephen - You know, there's stuff I don't eat....but I can't think of anything right now. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

tina marie

Loved this post. Pictures were just absolutely amazing and beautiful. And lol to the fact that you ate ants.


Hi Tina Marie - Thanks....we'd never had known there were ants in the prahok....

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