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Sunday, 10 August 2008



mmm, It all looks good to me. I also like Crab Hut but I haven't made it over to Little Sheep yet :( I have a guess for your blogger lunch. It looks like Lucky Seafood to me! Yum! Now I'm craving Vietnamese food.

ed (from Yuma)

Hey, I guess I'm not eligible since I was at the lunch/meeting, but I can still remember where it was - I think. Nice post. I was just over in SD with my buddy Greg and we were talking about Crab Hut. I do need to get there someday.

Fun post. Thanks!

Judy Lee

lucky pho?


hi! first time blogger but have been reading this blog for quite a while since i started going to ucsd...just graduated this june and moved back to san gabriel valley...and i am missing all those restaurants in san diego...but i am guessing the vietnamese restaurant is lucky seafood, the one next to the supermarket :P


I cooked dinner and didn't even eat it. Too tired after cooking I guess but reading your post I'm hungry now but not for what I cooked but what you had....:-(


Hey Cathy! Not adventurous enough, you?? I have to guess anyone who thinks that of you hasn't been paying close attention to your posts. :-)

Yeah baby, Crab Hut! Hey, that's where my Mister and I are going for our anniversary dinner this weekend!


were we right? were we wright? lucky pho? :)


Hi Mechele. I couldn't figure out how you got it so easily...I was looking at my photo of the food and not the unique tabletops only Lucky Seafood has. YOu have to do Little Sheep. You can order not as much as we usually do...
No, you can't play, ed. But I will take you out for coffee the next time you are in town.
Lucky seafood, yes, Judy (there is a Lucky Pho up in Vista)...I know what you meant though.
You got it Alison. Welcome to this side of the blog. I assume Peets is up there also, or else drive back down here to use the ecard. There are some good places in SGV- Kirk blogs them all the time. He and his Missus used to live there.
Oh, your note was *so* sad, Bill. Happy anniversary, Carol and Mister! Enjoy Crab Hut. It is always good. Get there early so you have a place to park.
Sorry, I was lax, Judy. Your ecard is on its way!


Hey Cathy - You know, I've always thought that we had really sharp readers.....and now I'm sure! I don't think I could've guessed correctly!


I know, Kirk...You and I could look at the actual food and remember it...but the dishes and table (unless the noodle place with the mustard bottles on each table) wouldn't give us a clue!


Hi Cathy,

I told my sister, I could've win this, cause you told me a while back ;P Can't do it, not fair to others.


Hi, YY- I'll just take you out for a coffee one day, OK? Maybe after all of your excitement wears down.

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