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Tuesday, 05 August 2008



Hey Rachel - Pssst want to buy some hot Durian??? That was too funny...I love it. God help us if I'd ever crack open a Durian in the office....


I /love/ fresh durian but find durian-flavored cookies, cakes, and so on to be pretty awful. Somehow they hide all the good flavors while bringing out the bad ones.

My wife is the only person I have encountered who is neutral on the subject of durian. Everyone else seems to either love it or hate it.


Hi SK - Durian candy....ugh! I like Durian Ice Cream though.


I do not have a durian story but I sure can eat one whole "fresh" one by myself. Durian is not for everyone. There is absolutely no middle ground here. Either you love it or hate it. In my case, I love it.

jeffrey c

Kirk, love this post. I have two durian stories. One is from my wife and one from me. My wife's dad is quite adventurous eater and one day brought home a very large durian. He told his kids that this was a delicacy and that he and everyone else had to try it. Everyone did except my wife because she had tried it before and couldn't stand it. My father in law tried to get everyone to finish it and kept saying that they needed to develop more sophisticated palates. However, he only had one seed and I think he just wanted to make sure that he didn't "waste" his investment by having his kids eat it all.
When my wife related this story to me, I said I couldn't believe durian was that bad. My wife wanted me to prove it. I went to our local asian market and opted for a safer version of Durian to try which was the Durian milk shake boba drink vietnamese style. At first I took a few sips and it wasn't too bad but when I got about halfway through, the scent really hit me and my wife said I got a little green. Oh well, notch that one up to experience. My wife still chuckles a bit and looks at me whenever we pass the frozen durians in the market.


Hi Beach - I'm sure you can!

Hi Jeffrey - Really? Man, I thought you'd love Durian...I mean you love Cho Doufu....

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