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Saturday, 23 August 2008



If Cali Baguette Express would only accept credit cards.. I would often find myself driving past knowing I didn't have cash on me (which is maybe most of El Cajon Blvd eateries). But being open until 9pm is still impressive for a Banh Mi place I guess. :)


I shall try Sieu Sieu at my next opportunity!


I wonder how much Sam paid for the wasabi? In Hawaii I heard it was $79 a pound. In Japan, it is 780 yen a piece (about US$7.80)....

Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

can't wait for banh mi drive thrus to get popular! i choose that over hamburgers any day.

ed (from Yuma)

Good info - but a lot of teasing in this post, Kirk. How good will the new plate lunch place be? What are the drive-thru hours? Is Sammy really using real wasabi as a regular thing? What about the Chinese BBQ? This is almost as bad as the old Saturday serials at the movies when I was a kid (yeh, I'm that old).

And why does Yuma have a drive thru vegan restaurant and still no pho or banh mi? Life ain't fair!

Passionate Eater

I was fooled for a moment--when I read the post title, I thought you were going to talk about Sammy, one of my favorite boyz! Wow, I can't wait for a pho drive thru next!


You were definitely busy eating ;-) I actually had fresh wasabi for the first time ever at Nikko in Costa Mesa. I was very refreshing and very different than paste wasabi for sure.


Hi Dennis - It is usually better to have cash at most of those places. I can't wait until I can figure out exactly what is up with the hours and drive-thru.

Hi Fred - It looks promising! Let me know what you find!

Hi Kat - I think the wasabi paste costs about $25 for a bag. Wasabi at the Japanese Markets can cost up to $129/lb here.

Hi Jaden - Yes, I agree Banh's almost a dream!

Hi Ed - Serials...isn't that what you eat for breakfast??!!? ;o) Well, I've got to do something to keep you coming back, right?

Hi PE - LOL! The only suprises that Sammy has for us nowadays....well let's not go there right now! ;o)

Hi Billy - Yes, I guess I out, fresh wasabi will spoil you!


Nice "stuff" list. Just to add another stuff to your radar, I was biking on Miramar Rd today in Mira Mesa, and I saw a large sign saying something like Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant to open soon. This was just east of Carroll Road.


Hi Chi - Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for me!


Oh wow, my first plate lunch place changed/closed. Curse of L&L I tell yah! And what's this about REAL wasabi? I thought real wasabi was the powdered stuff. Now I'm intrigued.


Hi Jan - Real wasabi is avutally from a root from the same family as Horseradish:

It is very different from most of the rehydrated powdered stuff(there is "real" powdered wasabi) that most sushi bars use, which is a combination of horseradish, mustard seed, and green food coloring.


Regarding a Plate Lunch Week, perhaps in lieu of that you could do a Plate Lunch Battle similar to the Battle of the Bertos. That would get them out of the way all at once.


Hi Fred - Thanks for the suggestion....I think I'll just do one here and there......if I did one of those "battle" ones it'll be so darn long....and I would have to make sure to get the same thing everywhere...


I wonder if Da Kine's is concentrating more on catering? I haven't been to the Liberty Station restaurant, but maybe I'd better hurry at the rate they're closing!

Speaking of Da Kine, has anyone tried the Indian restaurant that replaced the one in Mira Mesa?


Hi Sandy - Could be...maybe Nelson is just a bit tired. As for Annapurna; FOY Liver sent me an email saying the food was pretty good. I need to check it out when I have a chance.


TIRED?? Are you kidding me? The same thing that happened to the PB restaurant is exactly what happened to the National City Da Kines! Read my last post! You want the truth? Try doing business with him or even loaning him money while you listen to his "sad" stories of how HE got screwed! Ask anyone that has!

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