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Monday, 11 August 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Wow!! This is great. Now I just gotta get over there to try the place.


Yay! Good Thai food in San Diego! I know where I'm having lunch today!


Awesome! The Mister has been on a Thai food kick lately so I'm sure it won't be hard to convince him to try this place. The Pad See Ew with Beef looks delicious, as do the other dishes. Thanks, Kirk!


WoW a nice hole in the wall joint. The name kinda rolls of the tongue like savory. Crunchy vegetables is the only way to eat it ;-)


Great news about a new good Thai place! I've been jonesing for some good Pad See Ew without having to pay exorbitant prices and/or drive up to Mira Mesa for it. I will definitely try this place out!


sounds like you found a great place!


Hurray! I love Thai I-San food, having only been recently introduced to it myself. Definitely not your average westernized thai food. I too tried the Isan papaya salad and thought the marinated crab bits got stuck in my throat a bit but the rest of the salad's firey flavours made up for it. Your really need to see if they have spicy fried catfish salad! I think you will love it. The fish is fried until crisp bits and so there is none of your disliked "muddy flavour" ;)


Hi Ed - It's a nice little restaurant.

Hi Mizducky - i hope you had a great lunch.

Hi Carol - The Pad See Ew was right on the money.

Hi Billy - The GaiLan was a bit too "raw" for my tastes, but other than that, it was very good.

Hi Fred - You gotta love the prices.

Hi Kat - This one will be on the rotation pretty quickly.

Hi Rachel - Actually, catfish is coming up.....


I took a coworker with me to eat at Sab-E-Lee today. Good food, and the nice gentleman was indeed nice. I think I know where I'm getting takeout Thai food from now on.


Hi Fred - Great! I'm glad you enjoyed the food.


ahhh, love that there is more to come. sounds like a great spot.


Hi FH - It is a nice spot....very nice.


Hey Kirk,

My wife is Thai Issan. She has tried a place in Santee, same MO as sab-e-lee. Deceptive name, Oishii Thai Japanese cuisine. Now granted, she might get "off the menu" stuffs but raves about it.


Hi PedMa - Nothing like inside info! BTW, is this the place?

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