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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Captain Jack

Thanks for the shout out Kirk, the Koi Soi I found to be outstanding and heat-wise, quite, shall we say, invigorating. For those who have not had the pleasure (or sometimes heat induced pain) of Northeastern Thai cooking like at LOS or various LA Thai town standards, get in to this place, Kirk aint kidding, the food is very good.


Hey CJ - Man, this is good stuff..ain't it?


Nice in depth review of more food. Where do you fit it all? ;-)


all of this looks really good, glad it is a keeper!


Wow what an extensive menu! Heaps of salads! My favourite! I know what you mean about that ear pounding heat ... yet you just can't stop!


This place is definitely different than the usual Thai restaurants in SD. It will be good to try some new (to me) dishes. I'll have to bring your notes!

ed (from Yuma)

This place sounds so YUMMY. It's all I can do not to jump in my car and drive over there for lunch. Catfish larb and all those other wonderful dishes. Wow!!

Terry K

Thanks for the posting! Went last night and loved it. Moved from NYC a few months ago and would be up the Mekong without a paddle without this site. Apart from heading to Boston or up to LA, it's strangely hard to find a good Thai place in SD. Usually stick to SangDao which is great, but closes pretty early. The owner appears to be from Surin, cook from Udon, and the Karaoke "Nakraun" a former teacher from Petchabun. The only downside is no whole fish items. Like SangDao, you will have to call ahead for them to catch one at the market.


Hi Billy - My hollow leg of course! Honestly, we determine what we need to "finish", and what we we'll be able to have as left-overs.

Hi Kat - You don't know how happy we are....

Hi Rachel - Yes, the heat is intoxicating....

Hi Sandy - I think you'll have fun...the menu is quite extensive.

Hi Ed - This is a must stop for your next visit.

Hi Terry - Yes you'll need to call ahead for whole fish....though I'm having such a great time working my way through the menu.


Oh...that looks like perfect Thai dishes.

I like the look of the catfish larb. Should I go to Sab è Lèe I will definitely try that. I am a sucker for Thai style sea food.

I worry about raw meat these days. You are brave to indulge.

Yum. Thanks Kirk and Somtommy!


Hi Bri - The quality of the beef in the Koi Soi was excellent...and I think the chilies were enough to kill anything! ;o)


Thanks for posting on Sab-e-lee, Kirk! My husband and I went last night and really enjoyed our food. We had the pad see ew (fantastic), red curry (great), and the catfish larb (tongue-searingly hot). Next time I have to try that beef jerky.
On top of the great food, the waiter (or maybe he is the owner?) and chef are two of the warmest people I have ever met. Even if the food were mediocre (which it is not), I would go back just to see them!


Hi Liza - The "frontman" is Koby, who is also the owner. Everyone at Sab-E-Lee has always been so friendly and warm....even when they're getting "smashed". I'm glad you enjoyed the food......


Hi Kirk, my friend and I are going to try this place out on Sunday--I'll let you know what we think!


Hi Jenne - Thanks for commenting, it's been a while, and we've missed you! I hope you enjoy your meal...and please do let me know how your meal is.

Jeff C

Wow, another great find. I didn't know that Thailand had so many regional cooking types. I'm glad that the place isn't "dumming the food down" and replacing the meat with more conventional cuts and reducing the heat. I really find that great regional places lose that flavor once they start catering to conformity.
Kirk, I need to get to San Diego and Eat!

Jeff C

Kirk, sorry for the double post, but I couldn't help but notice in the pics the large cabbage slices. Were these decorative or were you supposed to eat them?


Hi Jeffrey - Thailand has a nice variety of cuisines....the North itself has 2 main cuisines, Lanna and Issan. You use the slices of cabbage to "pinch" bites of larb, and use the other hand to roll balls of sticky least that's the way I eat it.


Hey Kirk, I know this is an older review but I'm finally going to get around to visiting.

I want to get the Koi Soi or Koi Nua if available, will they know what I want if I just say spicy raw beef?

if they don't have it, is your next suggestion the Nahm Tok Nue? Any idea what cut of beef is used?



Hi Rodzilla - You can just order the Spicy Raw Beef Salad, they'll know what you're talking about. The cut is a pretty cheap one, seems like sirloin, but it's not too tough. LOS uses tenderloin for their Koi Nua. You might want to try the Shrimp Pla here as well. Their spice level is not quite as high as the Original SEL.

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