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Thursday, 07 August 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Glad you posted more about this place. I was very pleased and intrigued by the restaurant. Every dish we tried was tasty and some were new to me.

The first taste of the clay pot catfish, I detected a bit of muddiness - but after that, I just loved it. Great flavors and the pork too! The tumeric fish (from previous post) was a real highlight for me too. The jackfruit salad and the banh xeo were good also. I need to go back again. Hope you keep finding other treasures on the menu.



Is it apple? Is it pear? Nope, it's jackfruit, the only food I know whose flavor doesn't linger in your mouth, so much as it shows up, tantalizes you, then disappears, leaving you wondering what the hell that pleasant experience was.



Captain Jack

This post really made me hungry. I gotta try me some of that jackfruit salad. It looks great.


Yum, everything looks so good. Mmmmm, hot pot....:-)


That clay fish pot with pork sounds like a Vietnam dish - very salty fish with pork belly underneath it too. Looks like this but steamed in a clay pot. It's so so so good and salty.


great variety of foods!


Hi Ed - I'm glad you enjoyed the meal.....

Hi Omar - You gotta watch...some brands of the canned Jackfruit is spongy with no flavor.

Hi CJ - Watch out for those whole peppercorns!

Hi Carol - The hot pot was pretty good.

Hi Billy - Yes, it is a Vietnamese dish...I've seen it on the menu at several places.

Hi Kat - The menu is quite interesting.

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