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Monday, 04 August 2008



These Chinese noodle dishes looks almost like Vietnamese Bo Kho. Instead eating it with noodles you eat it with a baguette with carrots.


too bad they didn't meet your idea of what noodles should be like. hopefully next time.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Hmmm, so has niu rou mein quality gone down across the board?


Eek At this rate it might be better to make your own niu rou mien! It will be cheaper and you can make it as beefy as you want. Could be a weekend project :)


Lol...168 Restaurant XD. I love how we Chinese are so superstitious about the number 8 and ever better: 168. As if "ba" -> "fa" would really bring riches haha.


Hi Billy - I lobe Bo's more tomato-ey, and thicker than Niu Rou Mein, but both are quite good. And in case you need noodles, you can always get your Bo Kho with Bun!

Hi Kat - Yes, hopefully next time.

Hi js - San Diego's NRM, other than the version from Shanghai City has never really been great, but I just thought that I needed to retry a few of them.

Hi Rachel - I think oyu're reading my mind...scary....

Hi Roger - How's favorite watering hole back home in Honolulu is called 8 Fat Fat 8...guess what the nationality of the owner was?

Wandering Chopsticks

Ha! You think that's bad? I was at Dai Ho a few days ago and his prices had gone way up. The beef noodles are now $10 and $16!!! I know there are some serious fans of that soup, but no way can I justify spending $16 on one bowl of soup.


Hi WC - Sheesh, I enjoyed the NRM from Dai Ho...but $10...and people complain about ramen prices!


too bad they were pricey and bland - those pictures looked so good. dang seems like everything is getting expensive...


Hi FH - Yes, it seems like prices are going crazy...


If it's any consolation, here in Rockville, MD there is a Chinese restaurant chain called A&J that serves one of the best NRM in the DC area. They slice their own wide noodles (but have regular, if you want). I know they have a couple locations throughout Cali(Irvine and Cupertino comes to mind.) Happy hunting!


Hi Win-D.C. - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment. I've been to A&J on Valley in the SGV, as well as in Irvine:

Bland, oily broth, and severely over-priced, of course, now that prices are sky-rocketing....

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