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Sunday, 17 August 2008



Ed from Yuma, it sounds like you really are giving these guys the opportunity to do it right!


so what you're saying is that Michael Phelps wouldn't eat his breakfast there.


say what you will about olive garden... after all, they are like the Italian Denny's. HOWEVER, they make a rocking minestrone. There is even a delicious copycat recipe out there on the 'net. Maybe Mustard's should have a look and soup-up their minestrone.


You are way to nice Ed I don't think I would go back that often....

ed (from Yuma)

fh, nhbilly, I keep going back and giving them a chance because they do offer reasonable prices and a place to bring wine. And Yuma does not have a great restaurant scene and probably no residents actually born in Italy.

Some things at Olive Garden can be good - I admit - but Yuma is in danger of being overwhelmed by chains. We have 3 Applebee's, fur hevin's sake.


You must be a home grown yuman, to think that yuma has any decent food to offer other than this new restaurant. Thank god we finally have some food I don't have to send back and am not disappointed that I actually have to pay for my "meal."
For someone who states... "I hate dwelling on a restaurant's shortcomings."
You cant' tell by this blog!
I love this place!


Hi Bonnie - Being a long time friend of Ed, I can assure you that he is not a "home grown Yuman", and has lived, traveled, and eaten in some of the finest cities in the US. Though unlike you, I know he embraces Yuma, and harbors no discriminatory feelings against the city. And if he were from Yuma, he would be darn proud of it! My goodness, what is going on; are you being held against your will in Yuma...please call 911 immediately! Instead of being arrogant(since you enjoy quoting so much; "am not disappointed that I actually have to pay for my "meal."), self-righteous, and hateful, why don't you tell us what makes Mustard's so good, why do you love this place? There is no "shilling" on this blog, only honest opinions, and some people are not capable of, nor able to deal with that. I'm sorry to say I have to put you into that category.


ed, As the food server who hosted you on the night you based your review upon, I don’t recall you voicing a single one of those complaints, either to me or to your companions. As a fine-dining foodservice veteran of 12 years, I KNOW when my guests are displeased. To the contrary, I recall you and your two companions, one of whom we are greatly indebted with gratitude, to be quite pleased with the product. 'Outclassed only by the service,' if memory serves me correctly, was your comment to ME. Further, as ’salesman’ for the restaurant, I pride myself in providing a most appealing , albeit accurate, description of any product I serve.
Yes we opened up in the off season for a reason. Not being a franchise of corporate dining, and not having a rigidly structured procedure for every task allows us the freedom to make most every decision (and every entree) to the benefit of our guest, as well as the opportunity to work out the kinks and provisional inconsistencies which any fledgling endeavor is bound to encounter.
I think your were far too endowed with compliments, and your entree, that night to subsequently rave mediocrity in your submission


Wow, Edman 100 and Bonnie. Saying the place needs to be more consistent and maybe get a little better is warranting such an outlash? I didn't think edfromYuma was saying anything but his observations, which were more positive than negative.

ed (from Yuma)

Bonnie - Edman100, sorry if the post was not to your liking. I just call 'em like I see 'em. I understand that if one likes a place (even more, works at a place), it is easy to be sensitive to criticism. I wish both of you had noticed the positives in the post. The service has been fine, some dishes are really good, the wine policy is outstanding, the prices are fair and reasonable, and I plan to return and eat at the restaurant again.

It's even possible that I was uniquely unlucky in my dining choices. I may be the only person ever to order the zucchini and chickpea (?) salad. I know that I am more critical of the restuarant than many others with whom I have discussed Mustard's. I have heard good things about the other chicken dishes and about the spaghetti and meatballs.

I am also aware that Yuma has few good dining choices (outside of Mexican food). I want Mustard's to succeed.

Hopefully, Edman100, I will still be welcomed on my next visit. While I do not want or expect special treatment, I hope to return. But you do seem confused about my evening visits there. The most disappointing evening (when I took the pictures), I was there with my friend Tina only. The next dinner, the one with 3 friends, was overall much better (except for the stone cold underdressed salad). Improvement is a good sign.

As you said, the restaurant opened off-season to work out the kinks. That's smart. Consider my post just an attempt to help you folks find those kinks so that you can work through them and become the great restaurant that you want to be and that I very sincerely hope you will be.


Fair enough. But if something is amiss in your experience, by all means, allow the server and the house the opportunity to rectify whatever displeases you and you'll enjoy a much more rewarding experience. I live to get my guests extra dressing. Thats what I do. I welcome all criticism, but I think you couldve practiced a little candor on our shortcomings.


Kirk and Ed
I too have been fortunate to have traveled around the world and enjoy trying new places, I was thrilled to have learned of Mustards. Yuma wins hands down for being the least favorite food I have consumed. The positive, I am keeping my size 6 figure, although the Tiramisu could change all that if I'm not careful.

There were a couple positive words said when I finally scrolled to the very bottom of ed's blog, I do think the constructive criticism could have been said with tact.

John Vargas

I ate at Mustard's the other night. even after reading all the blogs, as i love italian food and have to admit the pictures that were on the blog looked yummy. It was so good, finally a place to have a wonderful dinner and a great time out with the husband. the staff was awesome and friendly and the tirumasu??? need you say more? mmmmmm. we shall return again and again. our food was incredible. my husband and I both agree, this is gonna be our new little "hotspot" thank god, finally something decent in Yuma. Sandy

SK Stephens

Even after reading all of the negative comments my husband and I decided to give Mustards a try. We were both very pleased with the quality of food we received - right down to the last bite of tirumasu. I think everyone in Yuma should give Mustards a try and make up their own mind as to the quality of food. Hopefully you will get the little Blonde lady to wait on you - both my husband and I found her very efficient and highly entertaining despite the fact that she was very busy. She made us feel special and the food was certainly a special treat as well.


Our group had a small dinner party at Mustards to celebrate a 94th birthday. We all LOVED Mustards and had excellent food and good service. THe shrimp on spaghetini (sp?) was delicious and the tiramisu is to die for - and I don't usually care for tiramisu.

We're looking forward to our next dinner there.


To the lady that wrote this article:

You have way to much time on your hands to be picking apart new yuma restaurants.


....and further more, to put down a restaurant that your husband was so eager to earn business from is unprofessional. There is a difference between being a constructive critic and chronic complainer that has nothing better to do than harrass new restaurants trying to get the their sea legs for the market. Its hard enough competing with the chains and uninformed critics who write uneducated articles such as this...did you read this before you posted it? I would also like to say i have had the disprivilage of waiting on you in more than one of yuma's restaurants; chains and localy owned indepents like mustards. Next, to make a comparison of a local restaurant and a chain is doing yuma a disservice and only encourages locals to go to those chains. How do you think those chains started out? Every single one began with a story like mustards: a person with an idea and the drive and courage to stand behind that idea and do what ever it takes to make it work. Making the comparison of locally owned eateries to chains is like apples to go-karts-there is no corrilation at all. Anyone who doesnt give a restaurant a time to work out the kinks is doing the community unjustly by giving a poor review and discouraging people from trying it themselves.Articles like this oppress innovative entrepenuers from growing yuma to its full potential.
The pictures do look appetizing. Everything looks freshly made and well prepared- not your standard chain presentaion. Keep in mind that this food is authentic and made fresh to order. A true palet for authentic food will appreciate the freshness and creativness of the unique ingredients. your comparison of standarized, prepackaged food flavors that we all can i dentify with at chain restaurants is something that wont be found at mustards. How reFRESHing! Mustards is NOT Olive Garden-something that the owner has worked hard to do. No wonder you didnt find olive gardens ministrone....
Mustards is the diamond-in-the-rough kind of business that yuma was built on. In the next few years mustards and yuma will go together just like ketchups and Mustards.


This comment was posted by a student working his way through college on his way to becoming an entrepenuer.

ed (from Yuma)

I am amazed that this post still draws such emotion, but "Anonomyus" seems to be as good at spelling as at determining gender.

But I will say that I hate chains as much as anyone. I want local independents to survive, but to survive, they have to serve good food consistently.

More than once, I have overheard locals say something like "Yeh, I tried Mustard's once and I will never go back." For most people, one bad meal will keep them from ever returning. So by pointing out shortcomings, I am trying to help the place survive.

Anyone reading this post, please go give Mustard's a try!!


My family (parents, grandparents,sibs, kids ) ate at Mustards, sometime in the winter. Loved it. The service was great, there was tons of bread and marinara sauce.

Now mind you, we're all extensively traveled via the military and civil service, so we're a bit picky on "good food". We all loved Mustards. The kids are all young and finicky and the menu was more complicated and suited to adult palates than for young children. However, the staff was kind enough to make modifications so that they would be able to "eat with the adults".

We also recommend giving Mustards a try as well ^_^

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