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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Wandering Chopsticks

I really loved this post. Sure seeing the sights and eating are fun parts of traveling for me. But it's the interactions with people that make it memorable. And having someone to share those travel memories with make it even better.


Aww...jeez Kirk, way to make my day - i'm flattered! :) Thanks again for the link & compliment, I mean, I lurk...uh read Mmmyoso pretty much every day and I love that Cathy and Ed post here too-there has been many a day that this site has brought on a sudden case of the munchies via the stories and photos. It combines the best of the best; descriptions, pictures and funny/interesting anecdotes. I've also found other really great reads here like Cathy @ Passion for Food and Oishii.

Speaking of wool-gathering tho'; I would dare any blogger to say that they don't keep a notepad where they jot down what they want to talk about and rarer still to find one who just opens up a posting page and starts writing. It's normal to compile then post - it's either that or a running dialogue that makes no sense ala (and I'm totally being mean here) a teenager's xanga page. So keep goin' man!


oh man, I was just saying I'm having travel envy and am looking forward to more vicarious thrills Kirk! I like the history, travel tales and people tales as much as the food porn in your posts.


I like the spicy grade chart! It conveys a lot more info than the usual scale of 1 to 10.


Hey Kirk, you know my favorite pic has to be the dog. Then the smiling kids. :-D


Hi WC - Thanks for the kind words! It is about all the wonderful people in this world.

Hi Penny - Just my way of letting you know how much I enjoy your blog. You may find it hard to believe, but there are no notepads...many times I'll organize my photos, and the story writes itself. I'm a one pass kinda guy.

Hi FH - Thanks so much...I'm glad you enjoy our posts!

Hi Sandy - It does let you know where it stands when it comes to "heat" doesn't it?

Hi Carol - That dog was in a state of pure "good grass" was a joy to see!


the smiling children were priceless! I can't wait to hear where you and the Missus will be off to next!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Lovely stories and thank you for sharing. I enjoy travelling vicariously through your posts.

ed (from Yuma)

Great post (like that's news?). Anyway, youhave brightened the morning. Again.


"mmm-yoso photo scrap" - I know exactly what you mean! Those countless photos and experiences that never got blog, not because they were not special, but for precisely the opposite reason. You've covered a lot of traveling ground this year! ^_^


Such great pics! Thanks for the roundup!


Hi Kat - We've kinda made a decision...but it's still up in the air. Does that make sense....well maybe not.

Hi js - And I enjoy vicariously eating through your posts!

Hi Ed - Thanks...I'm glad to know you enjoyed the post.

Hi Kathy - I guess we have gotten around a bit.....

Hi EB - Thanks so much!


You know what's funny? I regularly check this site, and the first time I got to check back on this site since I got back from my vacation on 8/25 was this one! And guess where my vacation was!?! Peru! I was so surprised to see this post! :) I was at Lacomer and I totally took pics of the beautiful Marriott. We ended up eating at Tony Roma's that night, though. And we also went to Cusco and know Avenida del Sol well. We tried out different restaurants there too. I just thought that it was such a coincidence that your post on the places I just came back from happened to be just when I came back! :)


Hi Maggie - Now that is some coincidence. I hope you had a great time in Peru.

Jeff C

Kirk, you totally could be a Globetrekker correspondent. I'm always surprised by your travel pics but, hey, I shouldn't be. Your quite the renaissance man and as with your taste in food, eclectic. Looking forward to your wonderful perambulations with your Missus.


Hi Jeffrey - Thanks....though I'm not quite sure about the Globetrekker thing.....

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