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Tuesday, 26 August 2008



eew, mushy rice and teriyaki sauce...too bad it wasn't the real deal.


Oh man, that sounds like a loco moco disaster, mushy peas, teriyaki sauce and all...but for all it's worth, plates like this make you appreciate home all the more! ^_^


Sounds like it has potential but they're trying to tackle a lot of cuisines at once....gyros, Hawaiian, Mediterranean...I do want a bowl of saimin though!


Bummer about the loco moco. Iceberg?


Meh. That's too bad. Sorry Kirk. I wonder why its so hard for places to make good Loco Moco?

In any case, Hanaoka used to make good Tonkatsu. Maybe this place makes a good chicken katsu plate lunch?


I missed something - what was it about the egg that made you think Korean? I admire your perseverence too!


This place is owned by the same folks that own North Park Sushi across the're dead on with your review -- I WANT it to be good, but it just isn't. The gyoza here are among the worst I've ever had. The fact that I could have had Dao Son's gyoza for just another 3 minutes in the car makes the experience almost criminal...

Have you tried Vo's Cafe a little further west on University? It's a hole in the wall, but it's CH-E-E-E-E-A-P and decent.


That patty doesn't look too good. Magic meat. Need a big juicy grilled one.

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Hi Kat - It was not very good....

Hi Kathy - Yes, it does make me miss home.

Hi Sharon - I think they decided to keep some of the dishes from the previous restaurant in that location. Not necessarily a good thing.

Hi Jan - Yes, iceberg lettuce.....

Hi Bri - Thanks for the suggestion, they do have katsu on their menu.

Hi FH - That egg looked like it belonged in Bi Bim Bap...and the two ladies that work there.

Hi Pat - Still haven't made it to Vo's yet, but I will, soon.

Hi Rodry - LOL! For that price I did expect what you called "magic meat" (I love it!) But it was not a very good dish.

Hi KFP - I'm glad that food blogs have added to your enjoyment of life.


I went there today, the tonkatsu was pretty mediocre and I couldn't figure out what the theme was either.

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