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Monday, 18 August 2008



Hey Kirk - Funny, I had my first Chicago Dog when I also lived in Hawaii! Over in front of the Home Depot by Dole Cannery, had a little hot dog stand! Yum!


Hi Lara - That's neat.....

Linda the Lab Rat

Crazy about Chicago dogs. Beleive it or not, best ones are at the Metrodome, although don't remember a poppyseed bun. Does anyone know where to buy neon relish, sport peppers, and poppyseed buns in the Mpls-St Paul MN area?


Hi Linda - The Metrodome eh? Hopefully, I'll get to try it out someday. As for the Chicago Dog fixins....I know that Vienna Beef does mail order.

Other than that, maybe someone else can provide you with some info! Good Luck!


I just had a pretty good hot dog at Home Depot, eaten on top of the garbage can... this looks way more civilized! I have never had a Chicago style hot dog (I feel like I'm really missing out on something now), must go hunting!


Hi FH - Why is it the hot dogs at Home Depot taste so good? I'm sure, without a doubt, that you'll find a great Chicago Dog in your neck of the woods!


Great write-up Kirk! I'm loving your blog. I'll be printing your Ba Ren entry for when I go.

I love Chicago dogs too! And please give Viva another chance. I've been to COAB and Buster's Windy City and I like Viva best. I still need to try Lefty's.

At Viva, make sure you ask for your dog grilled -- Mario asked me the first time I went and I've requested that ever since. And I recommend the one-pounder -- bring a friend or an appetite, they cut it in half and make two.

Of course, none of them compares to the dog I had at Wrigley...

The Guilty Carnivore

I actually had a dog dragged-through-the-garden from a Vienna Beef stand in O'Hare that was pretty darn good.


Hi Donovan - Will do, thanks for the recommendation...though I'm not sure it'll be a Chicago Dog any more. If you have any questions about Ba Ren, please feel free to email me.

Hi GC - I think because they dump all of those fries on top of the "Supedawg" it kinda sogged it maybe I should fly into O'Hare next time! ;o)


superdawg would be disappointing because they don't use vienna. also do you get hot dogs or char dogs? because char dogs are so much better (grilled instead of steamed). i tried chicago on a bun last week and it was mediocre. i'm going to lefty's tonight to try their dogs. their deep dish pizza is not even close to being authentic, fyi. also if you want to drive up to burbank "taste chicago," which is owned by joe mantegna has pretty good char dogs and amazing italian beef. take it from a chicagoan :)


Hi Jami - Sorry to say, I'm not a fan of Deep's a bit too much cheese for my Asian constitution if you know what I mean. I don't think I'm going to make that rive up to Burbank...though I'll probably be in the Chicago area in the future.


actually in chicago the best hot dog stands are in the suburbs:

3832 dempster st
skokie, il

wiener take all
1117 weiland ave
buffalo grove, il


I used to love Chicago on a Bun. The place stinks now. The food has gone way downhill. The new owners are rude and intimidating. The people behind the counter are also quite rude. The food is horrible. What a sad thing to have happened to one of the best places to get a dog in San Diego. I now go to Viva Chicago. They know what they are doing and the food there is pretty much Chicago style. I think it's the best hot dog in San Diego county.

Mr. Informative

Have you guys tried Chinese hot mustard on a hotdog? Mmmmmmmm

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