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Monday, 18 August 2008



Oh, you've made me homesick! What I wouldn't give for a good Chicago dog or Italian beef...


Dang dogs are pricey. If you like a snappy dog you got to try Pink's. I think the snap is awesome!

Green Turtle

Do the prices include fries or is it just the hot dog? That is pricey if only for the dog. If Lefty's includes fries for 4.25, that's the best deal. What's the best brand hot dog you can get at the supermarket? I generally don't like Oscar Meyer or Ball Park, but Nathan's is pretty good (around $3.50 for an 8-pack).

Captain Jack

This was a quite enjoyable and informative post. After we talked last week about this upcoming post, I have since consumed two dogs, one from the stand by PB Bar & Grill, and one at Cass St. Bar and Grill. Man, the power of suggestion :)


Hi Vicki - A good Chicago Dog is hard to find.......I hope you get something that fills that craving!

Hi Billy - You have to remember, we lived in LA for 5 years or so, so I've been to Pink's a few times. It is a pretty good dog.

Hi GT - Haven't heard from you in a bit; I hope all is well. The Viva Chicago Dog is the most expensive - $4.60 for only the dog, albeit a Jumbo Dog...I think they have a foot-long for around $8! Chicago on a Bun's Jumbo Dog runs about $3.80, and Lefty's always comes with fries, and is the best overall deal. I usually get Hebrew National, and also like the Uncured Dogs from Trader Joe's....I steam those, and they come out pretty good.

Hi CJ - Oh man, hopefully you didn't have both dogs on the same day! How were the dogs?


I always get the jumbo fire dog at Chicago on a Bun! Extra relish! And I agree on sticking with the fries, the chips can be pretty bad. Too bad the bun wasn't up to par on your visit. Not a big fan of Viva Chicago Dog, tho. I like to buy Hot Links (can't remember the brand) but sometimes will buy Nathan's or Hebrew Nat'l.


Hi Kirk thanks for the very informative post! I definitely need to try Lefty's and I was very curious about Viva Chicago tucked away in that strip mall..
I've noticed the red "Vienna Beef" umbrellas gone that last time I was at C-O-A-B in towncenter.. Glad to hear they still seem to be good as before! Cheers


Hi everyone. Ralphs sells Private Selection Weiners in the meat section of the flat open refrigerator counters. The dogs are made with skin and sold either in a five pack or bulk pack. They are hand made and so not all quite exactly the same size.


now that I've seen this, I need something close to it for lunch...

Christine D.

Eeep! Not a fan of Chicago-style dogs. The radioactive relish is freaky! But Costco-style hot dogs...wooo doggie!


Hi Carol - Viva Chicago was kinda sub-par....Chicago on a Bun is usually the best....but you gotta put it together right.

Hi Dennis - The dogs are still good....not perfect though.

Hi Cathy - Thanks for the info!

Hi Kat - I can't wait to see what you find!

Hi Christine - he-he-he... yeah, it's all about whatever floats your boat...or gondola! ;o)


fond memories of downing a double dog at Mustard's Last Stand as a pick-me-up after watching Northwestern get cremed by the other Big10 powerhouses. btw, gotta go to superdawg on devon, not the one in da airport.


Wow, what a strange combo! :) We have hardly anything like that in Australia. I am amazed by all the various tacos, burgers and hotdogs! Plus one of my american friends who lives here says we have nothing like your Dill pickles. She misses them alot! lol
As usual, I love to read your Mmm-yoso posts! Happy Eating :D


Hi Liver - Yes, that's what I figured....but that was my only "shot" so I took it.

Hi Darqrat - Thanks so much for the kind words......there are an endless amount of different variations of burgers, hot dogs, pizza, keeps things interesting for us. Thanks again for visiting and commenting, we appreciate it.

jeff c

Kirk, I love hot dogs, especially the type of dogs that you are showcasing. I never thought of these sausages as much until I had a dog at at a place at Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. Really quite a revelation in what can be done with a sausage link and a bun. I'll have to try these later.


oh, I get it....them dog days of summer.


oh, I get it....them dog days of summer.


Hi Jeffrey - There's something about a Chicago Dog that I really enjoy.

Hi RONW - LOL! You are amazing.....

Passionate Eater

After reading that you can't pass up a Costco dog, you now hold a special place in my heart too!


Hi PE - If I knew that would be all it took...I'd have done a post on it a long time ago!

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