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Tuesday, 19 August 2008



Anyword on whether they serve Nepalese specialties - given the name? I checked the menu and couldn't find any.


I'm so hungry and I learned something new, ghee.


I chuckled a little bit when I saw that sign, but your photos look so tasty that it's probably worth a try.


That's the menu, Alex. There is a great poster of Mt Everest (or whatever they renamed it) inside. But Indian and Italian food only..and then the gyros and philly cheese steak...nothing Nepalese. What they do make, they make very well.
Yay Bill! Now that word of the day assignment is done.
It is very much worth a try, Sharon. I found the food to be of great quality. It satisfies so many cravings.


Wow, what's next? Mexican and French? I would have said French and Vietnamese....but...uh....that idea's been taken already. ;)


I don't know why they combined these cuisines, JF...maybe because of the location/demographics. The food here is quite good quality is all I know and it truly satisfies my cravings. It works.

jeff c

Cathy, wow, you really know where to find delicious deals. The tikka masala looked great and the biryana was good too. A calzone with a samosa, haha. Thats international eating.
What contrasting cuisine, Italian and Indian. THey need to do a Mango Lassi and then do a Italian CHocolate drink to make it truly great.


That's one of strangest cuisine-combo's I've seen. Maybe it's because when they were trying to buy the letters for their signage out front, the store only had I,A,N,D,L,T in stock. Because Italian & Italian cuisine sounds pretty repetitive.


nonetheless, food for thought. The Indian oven must work well for pizzas.

ed (from Yuma)

Whodda thunk such a thing? We have a restaurant out here that used to claim it served Chinese, Mandarin, Thai, Asian, Mexican, and American food. But no how no way, Italian and Indian.

Isn't there a place doing Greek and Mexican food somewhere out in East County?

Anyway, thanks for the report.


Jeff C-They do make a great mango lassi ($2.49) and masala chai ($1.99), no Italian-ish beverages though...As soon as I saw the ad, I knew I had to do a post.
Brilliant, Esteban! That must be it. Yeah...strange combination of cusines...
I am guessing it's a pizza oven being used to make nann, Ron. I just don't recall this being a pizza place in a prior reincarnation. Maybe they got a deal.


Hey, ed! Yeah, as soon as I saw the ad, I had to go and try. It is wonderfully excellent. The ad today notes "5 Star Indian Chef". The only thing I can think of is making vegetarian Italian helps that part of the menu...Thing is the Italian is excellent also. Elsa's Kitchen used to do Mexican and Greek, primarily because of the guy cooking there...but the last few times, I only saw the wonderful burgers as the oddball item on the menu.


Sorta reminds me of the "Mom's Chinese Food and Donuts To Go" restaurant they poked fun at during the spoof "Cleveland's Next Top Model"...


There is a chinese fast food place that makes donuts out here, ed...Guess I gotta take another one for the team, eh? Apparently that deep fry thingy. ANYHOW, I just got an email from Souplantation (Club Veg) and from Aug 17-31 they are featuring 'a Journey to Mexico' and chipotle focaccia...


I love the post title and the 50% off sounds excellent too! That is an odd sounding combination of culture and tastes, but something I'd love to try!


The 50% off made it crazy cheap, FH. That was just for the first 4 days of opening...but I don't think the prices are bad, especiallywith the quality of food. I don't get the cultural crossover -at all- but I know it is excellent flavored food, no matter the cuisine.

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