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Thursday, 21 August 2008



I tried Bud's for lunch recently; I had never been to the old location. I had been tempted by the crawfish etouffee, but I opted for the Cup'a x3. The gumbo was too spicy for me to finish, but I liked the red beans & rice. The jambalaya was just ok.

Considering that I had a banh mi the day before, I couldn't justify paying $10 for a sandwich that came with no sides.

The parking lot in this section of the strip mall is pretty narrow. You're better off to park toward Starbucks to the east and walk over to Bud's.


Hey Kirk... I could not get through Memento to save my life. In fact, all I can remember are those tattoos he used to remember stuff. Anyway, great writeup on Bud's... we always intended to try it, but never did before the Little Italy location shut down.

Oh, and it was great bumping into you at Sab-E-Lee. Couldn't believe I met you in person!


That's too bad about the etoufee. It sounds like they didn't cook out the roux enough. That oyster po boy looks like it's worth the price of admission though.


Hi Sandy - Yes, the parking is kinda "sparse", but it sure beats the previous alternative...which was the street.

Hi GF - It was a pleasure meeting you all....sorry I couldn't hang around...but I had a hungry Missus at home!

Hi Howie - You know...I was going to say something witty like, "they roux-ined it." But I thought that would've been unnecessarily snarky.


everything looks good! too bad no cajun here.


Hey Kirk! I could go for that fried oyster po-boy right about now. Too bad on the etoufee since that's my favorite. I think you and I have similar taste in movies.


I recall eating at the old location on India St???? and it was yummmmy!


certainly, the old location looked much nicer from the outside


Hi Kat - At least we have a few cajun/creole choices here.....

Hi Carol - I think we may have similar tastes in the detriment of our spouses!

Hi Andy - At least there's parking here...the old location was on Kettner. It's so good to hear from you again, don't be a stranger, ok?


I think they must have really improved since your visit.

I have been there twice in the past two weeks, and was impressed both times. I had the Etouffe and it was delicious. We also had the gumbo, red beans and rice and fried shrimp. All was great, and the service was prompt and friendly. They also have a home-made house spicy sauce that is delicious. All in all, better than some meals I've had in New Orleans.

They don't have a liquor licence yet, so BYOB.

Enjoy, and please give it another chance.....


Hi abc - Actually my last meal was the Oyster Po Boy, which was pretty good. It's good to know that they are hitting their stride.

Bruce T

Bud's has moved yet again, this time across the 15 to 4320 Viewridge Ave., in an office park. It's somewhat bigger than the previous location, with some tables outdoors.


Hi Bruce - Thanks for the heads-up. I read that a week or go. I still have to make it over. Thansk for thinking of me; and I hope all is well.

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