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Friday, 29 August 2008



Looks good! And if you still have leftover meat, you can make Thai Beef Salad. Throw in some of your beautiful basil and cilantro, add a little mint, yummy!


London Broil was a staple for me back when I was a starving student (and back when it was more like $1.59/lb). It makes a pretty good french dip sandwich.


Hey Cathy,

All great looking food =)

I'm fairly experienced in cooking beef in a tender fashion through grill, pan sear, oven, broil, etc, but.... whenever I try to make a London Broil it tends to turn out really chewy. I know it's an economic cut of meat but what can I can to improve the tenderness and cooking of LB?


Hi Carol...ah, larb. Of course it would be perfect for that. I didn't want to do any complicated recipes. As long as the meat is cooked and chilled, it works for a lot of dishes.
Ah, Mike. Those college days. Yes. Meat, but cheap. Still tasty.
Hi Derek- I kind of gave you the hints in the post...I guess the only thing I did not mention was that you should let it rest right out of the broiler. If you cut it while it is still sizzling, the juices run out. The against the grain is very important also. and you read the beginning- never pierce or poke it...Try it again. It will work. :)


I will defiantly give it another try. It's always worth asking for an extra tip or two for a good meal =) I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks Cathy!


Hey, Derek. I updated the post just now. The meat is so inexpensive but there is a reason, and I am trying to show it can be made to taste quite good and tender by preparing and cooking it this way. I've had years of practice...Let me know how it works for you.



The London Broil looks delicious! :) I use pretty much the same process for making mine version but I might have to add the parsley and see how it tastes.

I have to say though the planter took me awhile to figure out it was a hanging planter...*sigh* LOL Yeah I thought you were showing a strangely decorated concrete pillar...*blush*


I use fresh parsley in everything, doesn't seem to stop growing around here. The county Fair also sold a hanging pot-like container for growing tomatoes from the top and bottom (not sides) that seemed to work. I just liked this idea of not using ground space for the herbs...

jeff c

Love this recipe. Its quite versatile and you can change the sauce just by increasing the butter and adding flour and cream to make a bechamel. The other way is to add button mushrooms or grilled portabello mushrooms with the sauce and you can change it again. Since you like fresh herbs, you should try perilla(shiso) this actually would go well with the cut and you can mix it into a steak salad. You can then use a sesame and ponzu dressing and you have an asian style steak salad.
Oh, like the inverted tomato planter.

jeff c

Oh, I didn't see the post Kirk did on the Steak salad. I guess you can take cues from that one too.


Oh, jeff c...the sauce is one of my basics and can have so much added to it to change it. I love mushrooms and hadn't tried it that way, though. Thanks. I have put perilla into salads; just didn't have any for this particular meal...I suppose I was more trying to teach basics about a cheap cut of meat: Lots of students read the blog...

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