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Sunday, 06 July 2008



With the high gas prices and rising food costs, I make it a point to do as much walking and/or bicycling around my home. I guess I'm lucky that I live near Hillcrest where I can avoid taking the car to Albertson's/Von's/Ralph's/Trader Joe's and the Hillcrest Farmer's Market and do some comparison shopping. Unfortunately, it's a necessity we call need in order to deal with today's rising prices.


We definitely have been eating at home more. WOw your 99 ranch opens early, I have to wait until 9am. And I do most of my shopping after dropping son off at school, when it is the least crowded. I don't think I have shopped at Ralph's/Albertson's/Von's for years, too expensive, especially the fruits and veggie, which I can get at other places for so much less, and quality isn't less. So my shopping stores include 99 Ranch Mkt, Trader Joe's, Marukai and Super Walmart. Yes yes I know it is Walmart, but surprisingly they have good quality meat and produce, at least the one around here, plus the low prices help too.


Wow, you sure grocery shop a lot for someone who blogs about so many resturants. I had the feeling that you ate out for every meal of the week! :)


that is a LOT of grocery shopping, but I do agree that I hate crowds and want to "get in and out" as fast as possible.


Our island is small and only 30 miles long but still gas has just topped $5 today at one gas station, only for the other stations to follow suit maybe tomorrow. We eat out less and when we do my daughter says she doesn't enjoy it as much. We also head north to go to church twice a week so we do our shopping on those days when we are in the area.


My goodness, If I'd been in six grocery stores by 10 in the morning, I'd have to rest for the remainder of the day. Mind you, the six I go to are forty miles away.


That's my shopping motto, go early, get in, get out. We use flyers too to help *plan* our shopping mornings. We're also buying a lot more bulk.


WoW I try to do all my runs 30 minutes before they close. Reason being is I get what I really need and don't have time to browse for anything I shouldn't get and plus the lines are short. Interesting Chinese Spaghetti sauce did you buy it? Googleing for the sauce yield some interesting information.


Too funny. We went to Ranch 99 in the middle of the rush the last time we went. And yes, I was hip checked several times! Early is definitely better.

I tend to shop a lot in the middle of the week...on the way home from work. But the choices in Mira Mesa are on the slim side. Sure we have 3 Asian markets and a small Mexican grocery, but Costco is pretty far away as are Henry's/Whole Foods/Trader Joe's.

I have hopes for the new Fresh and Easy coming in. But I still need weekends to make Kirk-esq runs.


Great post, Kirk! I'd love to contrast pics of those parking lots and aisles 3 hours later!


Wow, you hit 6 stores in one day? That's dedication! I'm usually too lazy for that, and tend to split up my shopping more throughout the week as I do other things like go to the gym.

What I've always found frustrating at 99 Ranch is how people block whole aisles with their carts, and seem to willfully ignore you when you try to get past them. Something about it seems so un-Asian - it goes against the concept of Qi or flow. For all the chaotic traffic in Vietnam and Thailand, the traffic still moves along. Why not at 99 Ranch?


I didn't realize that Henry's has expanded their hours - I had always remembered it to be open from 8am to 9pm. Guess I never look at the sign by the door!

The shopping carts in the parking lot of 99 Ranch Market aren't my concern - it's the other car drivers! Asian businesses have terribly configured parking lots. I do agree with what everyone has said about shopping carts inside the stores.

Usually I shop at the Convoy Asian markets during the week since I work nearby and combine it with lunch.


LOLOLOL. i love how everyone always complains about asian drivers at ranch 99. what is chinese spaghetti sauce though?! did you get it?


I am so happy to see you with such precise mileage measurements :) "My" Henry's is also about 3 miles from the house and also a first stop-but on Wednesday, when it is 'Double Ad' day - everything from last week and this week's flyer is on I only have to stop in every two weeks...technically, that is.


Luckily gas prices have had much of a direct effect on me in the city b/c we mainly rely on buses, subways, and simple walking to get around every where...prices in produce have noticeably peaked at the local markets. Back in Hawai'i, I've noticed however that my parents have sometimes taken to car pooling on the weekdays, and being more careful about the order in which they do their weekend shopping...little changes here and there!


Hi Darlene - Yes, it does help to live in an area with all your markets are handy.

Hi Liz - I haven't been in a Albertson's or Von's in a long while....I've been in Ralph's maybe 3 times this year? We have an IGA within walking distance, which helps.

Hi Caroline - LOL! Actually, if you do the math, it's not quite as much as you may think.....
I love your comment, it cracks me up....

Hi Kat - It takes abit of planning, but getting most of it done in one swoop helps.

Hi Rachel - Egad 40 about fuel costs. Gas is still a bit cheaper down South, isn't it?

Hi Carol - Yes, a bit more planning than we used to do.

Hi Billy - Now you've got me wondering....maybe I'll pick up a bottle next time.

Hi Jan - I sometimes stop during the middle of the week...especially for fresh greens. But try to do as much as I can in one swoop.

Hi Trent - You know....maybe I should do that...if I can find a parking spot! ;o)

Hi Howie - All of the places are relatively close, and I end in a sort of insane loop. And Costco makes it 7, actually 8, I didn't include the Fruit Stand.

Hi Sandy - Yes, I always have my head on a swivel in those parking lots...frankly, I think they aren't even close to being as bad as many of those on El Cajon Boulevard....or the one with Crab Hut and Tofu House.

Hi Judy - Ok, that's it. I'm picking up some of that Chinese Spaghetti sauce next time.....

Hi Cathy - Yes, forgot about double ad day!

Hi Kathy - That's kind of what we've the order of our weekend shopping, making sure we don't have to make unnecessary trips.


wow, your grocery shopping rotation is impressive but also quite convenient since all those great markets are so close to each other.

the rising cost of gas does indeed suck. but we don't drive too far for our groceries. most of our fresh fruit and veg are found at north park produce, the new one in chula vista. it's less than 5 minutes away. if i need something else, i can also go to fresh & easy which is just across from NPP. Costco on H is also close by. That's where we get our bulk items. I used to go to Henry's across from Southwestern College but they've moved to Eastlake (near the new Trader Joe's) and renamed themselves Otay Ranch Market. I hardly go there anymore because the parking lot is crazy with SWC students at peak times. I don't even go to Ralphs or Vons anymore. Basically, it's just Costco for the big stuff, fresh stuff at NPP, then anything else we might need at F & E. For specialty Filipino items, I will make a trip to the CV Seafood City, but I kind of hate going there because the checkout aisles are too narrow to push the cart through. Who was the genius that thought of that? So, lazy people leave their carts in the aisle blocking you as you try to ut your items on the conveyor belt. niice.


Hi CC - Yes, the close proximity of all the markets is a joy...... I may just have to walk into a Vons just to remember what it looks like!


waaah you have all the good markets so close together! Did you really go to all 5 in one day?


Hi FH - Actually it was 7, if you throw in Costco. All done by 1020!

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