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Monday, 21 July 2008



wonder where the Missus went? Those noodles look delicious!


Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of ... Kirk and the Missus in Siem Reap!

Sorry, couldn't resist :-) But I look forward to the next installment where you rescue the Missus!


Blending sweetness and saltiness together in a dish is a pretty hard task IMO. I've have yet to be blown away from the combination of the two beside thit kho.


I bet the Missus wandered off and discovered some awesome dessert! ^_^


Hi Kat - You'll find out soon!

Hi Sandy - LOL! You should be doing the writing! ;o)

Hi Billy - It's all about keeping the balance, while letting each flavor still stand out.

Hi Kathy - Spoken like someone with sweet tooth. You are pretty close!


You are such a tease. Keep giving us one installment at a time. Damn!


Hey Beach - LOL! I did intend on doing longer posts, but it's been so busy at work, that I don't have the time!


Hey - imagine my surprise at landing here when I googled num banh chok ... we ate at this very intersection just 10 days ago and I'm about to post it. There's a very similar dish in Thailand called kanom jeen, the noodles are made with 'fermented' rice dough, just as these are. Wonder which came first ...



Hi Robyn - That's pretty cool. Thanks for the info, we really enjoyed the noodles


On the weekends there is a Cambodian lady who sells bbq sticks in front 79 Supermarket on University Ave. She also sells num pachok/$1.00 per noodle bundle... her version is a little heavy on the prahok and she does not have tuk pa'em (sweet sauce/Siem Reap style) but, it's decent. Sometimes she has samlor kari (curry) and nom krouk (rice croquettes).

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